Heather Neff


Never give up what you want most,
for what you want at the moment.

— Unknown


Heather can attest to the virtues of working your way up. It can be an interesting and fulfilling process, not just when you reach the top levels but at each rung along the way, as you acquire new knowledge and skills. Heather has done a little bit of everything here at Black Mountain Software, from writing manuals, to customer support, to learning just enough about programming to be dangerous. After working as the Support Manager for several years, she served as Black Mountain’s head of Sales for five years before being named COO in 2013. The beginning of 2016 brought another change when Heather was promoted to President of Black Mountain Software. While she used to spend weeks at a time on the road doing software installs, training, user meetings, conferences, and client visits, Heather can now be found in her office accessible to all, overseeing the projects, operations, and success of BMS.

Small Town Story

Heather’s small town story began when she left the big city of Chicago in 1996 and headed west. On her journey, she happened upon the beautiful little town of Polson, Montana. She stayed one night in a hotel, moved into a log cabin the next day, and has called Polson home ever since. Our Chicago-born girl says, “To live in a place where everybody knows everybody and someone always has your back is a truly wonderful feeling.” When Heather is not at the office, you can usually find her in a raft, canoe or kayak on a river, hiking up a trail, snowboarding or snowshoeing, or doing something else that involves being outdoors. Because that’s just how we do it here in small town Montana!

Community Service

  • Share The Spirit Community Holiday Program: Supporter/Participant
  • Clean Up! Green Up! Roadside cleanup volunteer
  • Mission Valley Animal Shelter: Dog-loving supporter & contributor
  • Polson Loaves & Fishes Food Bank: Supporter/donator
  • Volunteer and supporter of Polson families and charities in need


  • AA in Business Management/Accounting, Salish Kootenai College

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