Jack Liebschutz

Co-Chief Executive Officer

In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they are not.

— Yogi Berra



The amount of time and energy needed to keep track of and complete budget paperwork can be almost paralyzing for local government and school district staff already crunched for time. Jack saw this dilemma and used his entrepreneur’s instincts and experience in software consulting to help build Black Mountain Software. Jack also understood that in order to create software that could provide solutions for the myriad accounting needs of the public sector, he needed to build a team that included CPAs and former municipal financial officers in addition to information technology experts and software developers. With this insight, Jack developed the Black Mountain Software formula: effective, reliable software products that are made even better because they’re supported by superior customer service staff. Jack is sometimes referred to as the “mysterious wizard” behind Black Mountain Software, as he is seldom seen but often creates software magic. With his business formula and his software magic still going strong, the future continues to look bright for Black Mountain Software.

Small Town Story

Jack’s career included major high-profile clients in Chicago, but he jumped off the fast-track after a summer getaway to Polson made him realize he was missing out on the quality of life he wanted. Today Jack can no longer imagine living or running his business from anywhere else. He feels grateful for the broad views of Flathead Lake and the Mission Mountain range outside his office, and for the tight-knit community he and his family are part of. Contrasting the streets of Polson to the streets of Chicago, Jack says, “When you’re out and about, people here don’t treat each other like they’re invisible. And everything is so much easier.”

Community Service

  • Share The Spirit Community Holiday Program: Supporter/Participant


  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS in Neuroendocrinology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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