Wayne Carriere

Co-Chief Executive Officer

One of the best ways to help ensure the long-term success of our Company is to do all we can to ensure
the long-term success of our clients. 

— Wayne Carriere


If you believe experience is a great teacher, then you will appreciate Wayne’s background. After college, Wayne worked for a national consulting corporation for nearly 20 years. Through those years, he became skilled in project management, systems analysis, software design, programming, digital data conversion, and simulation modeling. With all that knowledge and hands-on experience in his back pocket, he then stepped out on his own to start Black Mountain Software. Wayne says he finds it personally and professionally rewarding to make use of his education and experience to provide local government with technical software products and services. Serving clients well so that they, in turn, can better serve their customers is what experience has shown Wayne is the key to long-term success. Knowing his love of writing and playing music, we’re wondering if he might even write a song about it someday. We’ll be sure to post it on our website if he does.

Small Town Story

Wayne has a favorite story from “the early years” when a work week often had him racking up more hours in his car than at his computer: Wayne traveled many miles to a small town in Montana to give a demo of Black Mountain’s software at the Town Hall. He didn’t know where Town Hall was located, so he stopped at the first service station he came across to ask for directions. The attendant took one look at him and asked, “So are you the computer expert that is going to show us software for utility billing?” Everyone knows and cares about what is happening in a small community – just like where Wayne was raised: Glenn, CA, population 13.

Community Service

  • United Way, Helena Food Share, and Friendship Center of Helena: Strong supporter & contributor
  • Pad for Paws: Dog-loving supporter & contributor
  • Last Chance Tennis Center: Helped create and operate this non-profit community indoor tennis facility open to everyone


  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering, California Polytechnic State University
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering (Computer Science), Stanford University

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