Barbara Thomas

Support Specialist

It is good to rub and polish our brains against that of others.

— Michel de Montaigne



Remember Y2K, the “Year 2000” scare that all computer systems around the world would cease to function on December 31, 1999? Barbara remembers it better than most because she held a position focused on preparing the state of Montana for that impending big event. Barbara began a term in state government as a Human Resources Technician and survived Y2K while serving as Agency Readiness Coordinator for the State of Montana’s business software conversion project. After surviving Y2K without incident, Barbara accepted the Help Desk and Security Coordinator position overseeing the new software system. With a heavy workload, a large staff, continual change and government pressures, we’re not sure anyone could be better versed in dealing with clients in need of software assistance. As Barbara likes to point out, she’s been doing it since the last century!

Small Town Story

Barbara’s love of her small city of Helena, Montana is evident as she is quick to point out all of the city’s best features and accomplishments. She was very pleased not long ago when Helena was named the Best Small Art Town in Montana. Even though she admits it’s a confusing handle, it seems to acknowledge a trait that Barbara loves about Helena: a small town where the arts are widely supported and celebrated. Another trait that she thoroughly enjoys is the casual nature of Montana’s prestigious state capital city. When you can joke and visit with the Governor while shopping in a downtown retail store, or have a your daughter cast in a play alongside a Supreme Court justice in the local community theatre, status barriers melt away and you become a close-knit community. Barbara invites everyone to visit Helena in July for the annual Last Chance Stampede & Fair Parade. You can wave to her as she goes by, because Barbara and her Helena friends don’t ever just watch the parade, they’re in it – rain or shine.

Community Service

  • Montana Horse Welfare Council: Secretary and volunteer for the monthly “First Sunday” animal communication events held at Pet Town in Helena
  • Helena Center of Creative Living: Volunteer promoter of the monthly free movie night and Coordinator for the annual school supply drive for Wakina Sky Learning Center


  • BS in Health and Physical Education, George Williams College
  • MA in Physical Education, California State University, Los Angeles

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