Debbie Crippen

Accounting Support Manager

Know what you are talking about.

– Debbie Crippen & Carlee Schnase


It’s hard to imagine how Debbie being plucked from behind the sales counter at a consignment shop resulted in her having a long career at Black Mountain Software, but that’show it happened. It all began over a decade ago. The Lake County Treasurer at the time happened to enjoy browsing at the consignment shop on weekends,and her conversations with the bright and witty salesperson led to Debbie being offered a job at the courthouse. Just a couple of years after that, Debbie, who had been using Black Mountain Software products at the courthouse, made the move to working in Support at BMS. To add another twist to the story: The former County Treasurer who had been Debbie’s boss at the courthouse also now works at Black Mountain Software! (You can read more about that in our blog article.)

Small Town Story

Every year, Debbie’s family throws a Montana style 4th of July celebration that lasts a full week. Friends, relatives and friends of those friends and relatives (okay, yes – basically strangers) come from many states to camp out in her yard and enjoy the beauty and relaxation of a rural summer gathering in the Mission Valley. Good old fashioned fun for young and old alike abounds. A highlight is a field day that includes a water balloon toss, dizzy bat water races, tug of war over a pond, and an obstacle course race. And what’s the sure-fire sign that you’re visiting a small town? Every kid gets to be in the Polson 4th of July parade, riding in style on Grandpa Crippen’s antique fire engine.

Community Service

  • Polson Public Schools: Reading program volunteer, math tutor, library helper, fundraiser campaign volunteer
  • Little League Baseball: Volunteer assistant coach


  • Attended the University of Washington (near her hometown of Kirkland, WA)

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