Erica Alfiero

Customer Support Specialist

Be a ladybug in a world full of aphids.

– M. De Leon


Erica’s family made her move to Polson from Rhode Island at the tender age of three. Fortunately, she and her two older brothers acclimated to the western way of life right away. Erica recently graduated from college in 2018, making her the baby of the company as well as her family. When not working she can be found with her seven horses, to whom the majority of her paychecks go. She enjoys bonding with her siblings in activities such as skijoring and wrestling. She shares her space with the love of her life, Douglas, a 75 pound rescue dog whose only vice is that he is a bed hog.

Small Town Story

Erica grew up in Polson doing all the things that Montana kids do. Although she ventured out into the big, bad world, she realized that she was a small-town girl at heart. While most of her college friends found jobs in Boston and New York, she decided to come back to Polson to be with her ponies and work at BMS.

Community Service

Most of Erica’s community service these days revolves around dog rescue. She is an active foster and volunteers at spay and neuter clinics. Erica is also known to help with rescue transport, meeting planes full of doggies and driving rescues to their new homes.


BS in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

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