Jodi O’Sullivan

Senior Support Specialist

You live, you learn.
– Alanis Morissette


No one at Black Mountain Software wears more hats than Jodi – literally. Hanging on her wall are a firefighter hat, an EMT hat, and a Certified Public Accountant hat. Not that she needs to wear a hat while doing accounting work, but in really messy number situations, it doesn’t hurt a gal to have a hat on to help keep her hair out of the way! Jodi has been called “a treasure” by the City of Polson, and here at BMS we couldn’t agree more. Jodi is seriously smart, seriously hardworking, and seriously fun to be around.

Some of Jodi’s favorite Black Mountain Software memories have occurred while traveling to various conventions and client visits – something she likes to call her “Traveling Road Show.” Not one to go from point A to point B without taking advantage of opportunities along the way, she has taken many side roads to stop in and visit clients or explore historical buildings.

Small Town Story

Jodi has a lot of really good “Traveling Road Show” stories, and most of them involve small towns. We’ll publish one here, but if you ask her about it, she’ll likely tell you a few more: “A house fire broke out next to the courthouse while I was on-site for a Montana county accounting software installation. I was working with a county employee, who happened to be the retired Assistant Fire Chief, when the call was dispatched. We walked over to the fire scene and helped out in support operations. It was a great to work with another volunteer department, and even though I had never met any of the guys prior to that incident, it was just like working with my own department. Everyone left their jobs to help, and no one got hurt. I did get some strange looks, however, standing there in a business suit changing out cylinders on SCBAs (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).”

Community Service

  • City of Polson Fire/QRU Department: Began volunteering in 2004 and currently serving as a Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician, providing fire and rescue services to the City of Polson and surrounding rural communities
  • Volunteer Fire Department Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee: Served on this committee from 2006-2010
  • Polson Ambulance: Served as an Emergency Medical Technician for the local ambulance service


  • BA in Biology, Carroll College
  • Studied Accounting and Microbiology at Montana State University
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Fire Instructor I
  • EMT-B/Lead Instructor

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