Kimberly Namen

Administrative Assistant

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

  – Steven Covey


Kim was born into a Polson family business that nurtured her love for all things outdoors and on the water. Her family owned and operated a harbor and service business for pleasure craft and small boats for 28 years, and Kim was involved every step of the way, even eventually running the company on her own for a couple of years. After the marina was sold, Kim worked mainly evening jobs because that allowed for her days to be open to enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities! Obviously, sleep was not a top priority.

In January 2013, Kim decided that she wanted a more “normal” work schedule. The stars aligned and a position opened up at Black Mountain Software that could provide her with just that. BMS gained a hardworking, friendly, experienced person to handle our Accounts Receivable processes and help out with Sales and Marketing functions; and Kim gained the opportunity to get a little more sleep! She still manages to squeeze in time on Flathead Lake and is one of the last to take her boat out of the water in the autumn.

Small Town Story

“The best thing about small towns is the connectedness,” says Kim.  She knows a lot of Polson residents and is friends with many of them. Thanks to her family’s marina business and her outgoing personality, Kim even has strong connections with many of Polson’s “summer people” – that’s what she calls the many part-time residents and visitors who flock to Polson each June through August.

Community Service

  • Cook-offs and various other local fundraising events: Volunteer and supporter of Polson families and charities in need


  • Kim says she never felt the desire to go to college – she was too busy participating in her family’s business and traveling, which she considers excellent forms of education. Digging a little deeper, we learned that Kim once was a licensed poker dealer! She credits her Dad’s hydroplane boat racing connections with Circus Circus in Las Vegas for paving the road to this unique achievement years ago.

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