Liz Kitterman

Customer Support specialist

Life always begins with one step outside
of your comfort zone.  

– Shannon L. Alder


Liz was born in Ogden, Utah after a snowy and slippery 74-mile drive from their hometown Evanston, Wyoming. Nope, her mom wasn’t a blizzard chasing thrill seeker or a dedicated snowplow operator; she was experiencing labor complications and needed the care of a larger medical facility. From that wintery day, and for several years, both Liz, her sister and mom have been “on the move.” They trekked to Farmington, New Mexico and stayed for a few years, then to Casper, Wyoming for a while. The trio explored Northwestern Montana to Kalispell, then to Polson, and back to Kalispell. With yet more to experience, they moved on to Lafayette, Colorado before returning back to Kalispell. By this time, Liz was just 15. Maybe they are descendants from the Lewis and Clark expedition party.

Yearning for more excitement and adventure, Liz became involved in two Kalispell Search & Rescue Teams. “It’s a cause I really feel strongly about. And, it was a big step out of my comfort zone. Being involved with such a dedicated team of volunteers was exactly what I needed during that time of my life,” explains Liz. She also worked with the Lake County Search and Rescue members and had been commuting to Polson for that purpose. Eventually, Liz decided to make another move to Polson in the summer of 2015. That fall she joined Black Mountain Software. “I discovered yet another terrific team of small town folks.”

When Liz isn’t on the move, she loves to bake. “At some point, it would be fantastic to own a bakery. For now, I will have to hide the cookies from my cat, Fatty. He LOVES cookies.”

Small Town Story

It’s a day and age when everyone is really very busy – minding their own business. Sometimes getting into other peoples business is an action of concern and love. “People in small towns actually care and get involved in their communities,” says Liz. “It’s about folks looking out for each other, and the genuine care that small town citizens have for one another.”

Community Service

  • Organizes and volunteers for community fundraising events
  • Lake County Search and Rescue


  • Graduated High School six months early – enrolled in college classes
  • Attended Flathead Valley Community College

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