Matt Graves

Customer Support Specialist

Working is one of the most dangerous
forms of procrastination.

Gretchen Rubin


Matt is a Montana man – born in Billings and lived in several of Montana’s small towns as Matt’s family was peripatetic while growing up. He also attended several schools, including Grass Range, Roundup, Ryegate, Lavina, Ronan and Charlo – basically from one end of the state to the other. After Matt graduated high school, he set off on his own nomadic adventure that extended from Austin, Texas north to Vancouver, British Columbia.

During his travels Matt learned and applied several skills. He has worked in customer service, was an equipment operator, and produced custom merchandise, to name a few. Also during his travels, Matt squeezed in some college education. He studied Mathematics at the University of Montana, and despite not receiving a degree, Matt honed proficiencies in mathematics, digital media, and computer science.

Small Town Story

Matt began his 6th grade year of elementary school in Ryegate, Montana. His father had just obtained employment there and the family had yet to acquire a home when Matt and his brothers began to attend school there.
During the first week, Matt’s school hosted the Golden Valley County Spelling Bee, which Matt won. Within the next week the family found a residence, but it was in Lavina, Montana. So, the family relocated there, and in turn Matt and his brothers switched schools. A few months later Matt’s former and current school came together for a Play Day. A huge argument ensued as each school felt they should have bragging rights to Matt’s victory at the county spelling bee. The argument was put to rest soon after as Matt’s family then moved to Roundup, Montana.

Community Service

  • Matt was a volunteer EMT in Circle, Montana and continues to maintain his EMT license.
  • Matt has also been an active thespian for the Circle Community Players in Circle, Montana and the Port Polson Players.


  • Studied mathematics, digital media and computer science at the University of Montana

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