Mindy Schultz

Sales/Marketing Assistant

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde


Mindy was born and raised in rural Montana. Her provincial upbringing included riding a horse to church on occasion and attending grade school in a two-room school house. The memories, knowledge and values Mindy gained during this time is cherished dearly, and she feels blessed to pass many of the same experiences on to her children.

Mindy appreciates and is very intrigued with urban culture, but feels fortunate to have built a life in her home area.

She can’t imagine being anything more or less than what she is: mother, daughter, sister and friend. The people in her life are her top priority. Mindy also enjoys many outdoor activities, and laughing—it’s her favorite pastime of all.

Small Town Story

Mindy’s entire life is a small town story. She smiles at everyone she meets on the street, whether at home or in the “big city.” When traveling the back roads of rural western Montana, she waves at every rig she passes and has a reputation for knowing most everyone.

It’s a story she loves being a part of every day.

Community Service

  • At any given time, Mindy is involved in a number of charities. Personally, she feels that a charitable act should simply be done to help others without want or need of recognition.


  • Polson High School Graduate


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