RaLynn Brown

Customer Support Specialist

A sense of humor…is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.

– Hugh Sidney


RaLynn has always been drawn to jobs that require a high amount of responsibility and attention to detail. Before coming to Black Mountain Software in 2013, she had worked as a bookkeeper, an administrative assistant, a dental assistant, and a nanny. She claims being a childcare provider was among her most high-pressure jobs; although she loved working with children, being responsible for the safety of other people’s little ones was something she took very seriously. “From all the different jobs I that I have undertaken,” RaLynn says, “I gained skills that I now use at Black Mountain Software to make the client’s day better. No matter how anxious a client may be about a balancing issue or a tricky payroll situation, I can take the problem in stride and calmly deal with it.”

If Black Mountain Software ever hosts an employee talent competition, the consensus is that RaLynn would probably win. She has mad ukulele skills, makes stained glass, and does beautiful beading and quilting.

Small Town Story

RaLynn describes herself as very grounded and responsible, which she says she learned from her family and from growing up on a ranch near St. Ignatius, Montana. Ranchers and the experiences of life on a ranch have a way of teaching you that nature, hard work, family, dependability, and service to others (plus a little bit of laughter) are the important things in life. RaLynn likes living in a small town because she feels that people look out for and care about other community members, and that provides a safer place for families like hers.

Community Service

  • Little League Baseball: Team Parent Sponsor (i.e., the person who brings snacks, drives the carpool, and handles about anything else the team needs)
  • Families in Crisis: Donator to local families in need


  • Associate degree in Dental Assisting

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