Steve McCoy

Support Engineer

If you want to make gold, you must already have it.

– Zen of Alchemy


His grandmother used to say that Steve marched to the beat of a drum no one else could hear. That was her mostly-polite way of saying he is a bit, well…odd. As he grew-up, Steve embraced and embodied his grandmother’s words, and—developing a fascination with life’s greatest mysteries along the way—he followed that beat along a unique path that eventually led him to Black Mountain Software.

Born and raised in Polson, MT, Steve has had his fair share of adventures. After attending the University of Montana for a year, he spent his sophomore year of college in the Netherlands, participating in an international exchange program. Steve returned to Montana with great—albeit hazy—memories and a newfound appreciation for human language and culture. This made Salish Kootenai College (SKC) a great next stop for him.

Steve enrolled in the Native American Studies program at SKC in the fall of 1992, and before his first quarter had ended, he was hired as a tutor in the Academic Skills Lab and to teach GED classes in Mission. Thus, Steve’s illustrious, decorated, and very-much accidental, 24-year career in higher education began. During that time, working as both an instructor and a project administrator, Steve help secure millions of dollars of grant funding for SKC, designed numerous innovative programs to assist academically disadvantaged students, and helped more than 1,000 individuals secure High School Equivalency Diplomas (GEDs).

But all good things eventually come to an end and Steve left the college in 2016 in need of a recharge and in search of something, well…new. After a year of family, travel, and rejuvenation, Steve (who has been a volunteer in the Polson Fire Department for the past 20 years) haphazardly mentioned to fellow firefighter, (and BMS Chief Technology Officer) Chris McGuiness, at a fire meeting one night that he needed to get serious about finding a second career. Chris suggested Steve submit a resume to BMS, and thus, Steve’s second, and equally accidental, career as a Support Engineer began.

Embracing the steep learning curve, Steve has thrived in his role at BMS. A problem-solver by nature, Steve loves the challenge of technical puzzles, but most of all, he loves being able to help others by fixing whatever is broken. Even though Steve’s “oddities” cause him to love topics such as UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts, Steve loves working with people—the living kind—the most.

Small Town Story

Since Steve has lived and worked in Polson his whole life, he can hardly go anywhere without running into several people he knows along the way. This can sometimes be puzzling to family and friends from larger communities. “Holy cow,” his nephew from St. Louis exclaimed one summer, after running errands around town with Steve. “Everybody here knows you. You must be really famous or something!”

Community Service

  • Polson Volunteer Fire Department: 20 years of service
  • Open Jam for Charity: Event founder and host


  • BA in Native American Studies, Salish Kootenai College
  • AA in Native American Studies, Salish Kootenai College
  • Certificate of Completion in Dutch Studies, University of Groningen

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