Steve Pittenger

Software Engineer

If you are waiting to do everything for everybody, instead of doing something for somebody, you end up doing nothing for nobody.

— Malcom Bane


Steve is truly one of those guys who possess many talents. And just one of those proficiencies is computer programing. He has been clicking the keyboard since he was 13. That’s more that 35 years of experience writing code, building apps and constructing websites. Prior to joining Black Mountain Software in August 2014, Steve lived in Seattle where he played in a rock band. He has written and composed over 250 songs, and plays most all instruments with the exception of wind instruments. Steve then joined the Navy to be an Electric Technician. In 2000, he became the Worship Leader at his Church. And, when you layer on computer programming, that’s quite a history of talent and knowledge. Steve loves to solve problems, and be supportive and contribute to others as much as possible. Steve is a devoted father of four children and is dedicated to participating in their activities.

Small Town Story

Steve’s family’s favorite vacation location is Bigfork, Montana. One day while driving, or should we say “crawling”, in Los Angeles traffic, well, Steve kinda snapped. “Enough, is enough”, he recalls. He and his family now reside in their favorite year-round residence – small town Bigfork. “What isn’t there to love about this quaint town? I can walk to where I need to go, and everyone is small town friendly”, says Steve.

Community Service

  • Contributes to many local organizations and their causes through various types of donations.


  • BS in Science and Psychology, Oregon State College
  • AA in Theatre, Lynn Benton College
  • Electronic Engineering degree, ITT Tech Institute

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