Stuart DuMont

Support Specialist

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

— Banksy


Stuart has been lucky enough to move around over the last decade, having lived in Vermont, New York, London, Scotland, Seattle, and now Montana. He’s always loved technology and throughout his travels has acquired a formidable set of technical skills. Though the greatest skill came from an unlikely place. While working at a residential school for students with disabilities, Stuart learned a great deal about working through difficult situations and realizing that not everyone learns or processes things the same way. Stuart has a happy and friendly personality and while he loves making friends, he also enjoys time at home with his family and dogs.

Small Town Story

Moving to Montana, Stuart didn’t really know anyone except his spouse’s family until he started working a part-time job and met a couple that also happened to move here from Vermont. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what a small world it can be!

Community Service

Over the last few years (including shortly after starting his position at Black Mountain Software), Stuart and his spouse have had the pleasure of adopting two dogs from the humane society. He loves that they can provide a home to such wonderful and loving creatures. He’s also been involved with the community over the last decade with donations for fundraisers/organizations on behalf of his nieces and nephews.


Degree in Computer Information Management

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