Tammy White

Support Specialist

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.

— Ziad K. Abdelnour



Tammy pours her heart and soul into her grandson, her horses (especially getting children involved with them), and Gonzaga basketball. She was raised along with her two sisters in Inchelium, Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation, population 409, where it was common for most kids to ride horses to school in preparation for the county fair. No wonder she grew up riding and racing horses! She eventually took her passion for horses on the road and joined her father on the horseracing circuit before taking “a winter off” and moving to Polson 17 years ago with her children, Blake and Carley. Over the next four years, Tammy fell in love with Polson and made lifelong friends she would stay connected with during her future travels. She moved back to Inchelium to welcome her grandson, Colton Cash, into the world. Four years later, she returned to the Mission Valley for a visit, found that Black Mountain Software was hiring, and applied. She is now back in the area and around the people she fell in love with 20 years ago and could not be happier.

Small Town Story

Tammy is obviously no stranger to small town living growing up in a town with a population of 409 people. There was no such thing as a stranger in town. Small towns are always full of people looking out for you all while you are looking out for others as well. Of course, this also meant that your transgressions usually made it home to Mom before you did. Tammy was thankful to grow up with that kind of safety and security and wanted the same for her children. Fortunately, she found that Polson provided that perfectly, which became apparent shortly after her arrival when she met with an instructor at the Salish Kootenai College who knew she could use a leg up in this new adventure. Within a week Tammy had a job and a home for her and her children. Her son immersed himself in local sports, her daughter became a Daisy, played softball, and auditioned for a community play. It was a very warm welcome to her new home and she is eternally grateful to those that reached out and helped her and her family.

Community Service

    • Polson T-Ball Coach
    • The Rose Garden Healing Lodge Board Member – Inchelium, WA
    • Senior Project Advisor – Inchelium, WA
    • Three-time Indian Relay Team Volunteer – Colville Confederated Tribe


    • Attended North Idaho Community College
    • Attended Salish Kootenai College

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