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A complete line of government software accounting products

At the hub of Black Mountain Software is our Accounting Suite, which comes with General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Journal Entries and hundreds of reports. It connects Billing, Receipting, Payroll, Asset Manager, Budget Preparation and all other applications. With our Government Accounting Software, you can develop and produce a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), based on the GASB34 reporting model, including the GASB Statement of Net Assets and the Statement of Activities.

The optional Purchase Order encumbrance subsystem and the Remote Requisition subsystem are embedded in our Government Accounting Software. They enable workflow that begins with paperless purchase requests/approvals and ends with accurate, real-time, to-date budget commitment information—no small thing when fiscal year end looms and over-extending budgets isn’t an option.

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You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Sharon S.–Clerk, Montana

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