Assessor (Montana Counties)

Assessor software that makes working with the Montana Department of Revenue easy.

  • Easily manage property and assessment records
  • BMS stays on top of Department of Revenue changes
  • Orion imports are accurate and trouble free
  • Integration with Tax makes changes immediately available

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Assessor makes it easy to maintain property records

Completely maintain property information for tax billing using Black Mountain’s Montana Assessor software. The assessor software properly accepts the state Orion download. Its easy-to-use interface allows for quick accurate property record updates to ensure the tax billing system has the most recent data. With help procedures and software tools that give you the power to make sure the records are right, you will produce property tax bills with confidence.

Show Assessor Software Features

  • Maintain Property and Assessments – by:
    • Tax ID (property code)
    • Name
    • In Care of Name
    • Geo code
    • Township/Range
    • Advanced Selection using ranges and combinations of many property record field values, such as: District, School District, Zip Code, -Geo Code, Twn/Rng/Sec, Taxable Value, Property Type, Key Word, Mail Code, Legal Description, Property Address, City, Splits, Out of State Only, Only New Owners, Only Changed Taxable Value.
    • Use combinations of Property Record data elements to limit your reports to just those records of concern
    • Order the reports by Tax ID number, Name, or In Care Of name
  • Property Record – Important information available for viewing:
    • Property Type and year
    • CAMA Data
    • Property Total for both Value and Assessment
    • Legal Information
    • Property Code, Class, District and Quantity Separated by year
  • Class Recap query – for quick balancing of Class codes specify selected Tax ID numbers and/or selected Classification Codes to see total dollar amount of fees, quantity, and taxable value.
  • Full Tax Query – quickly view paid tax data history and view outstanding taxes for all taxpayers.
  • Special Assessments
    • Calculations use “rate x quantity”, “rate x taxable”, flat fees, or mill levy information.
    • Use Classification Codes, District or Geo Code ranges to define special district boundaries.
    • Apply special assessments to records within defined boundaries.
  • Integration – Assessor program is fully integrated with the Tax program.
    • All changes to the taxpayer data are immediately viewable in the tax program.
    • Assessment changes can be immediately billed or refunded.
  • Orion Import – Flexible and easy. Full set of pre-download audit and error reports to ensure correct record download. There are the following download options:
    • Owner record
    • Name Record
    • Location Record
    • Description Record
    • Value Record
    • Property Addresses
    • Load Exempt
    • Load Deactivated
    • Load Inactive
    • Full Update
  • Other Imports
    • State Forest fire Download
    • Irrigation District
    • Special improvement or assessment districts from other Black Mountain Software Clients or other systems using our file format.
  • Special Library or Tax Increment Districts – These optional modules are available to provide you with the tools to confidently maintain these types of districts. The modules are integrated with the assessment system.

Built-in reports

Black Mountain report filtering options provide quick targeted views of your property information. Using any of the built in reports, narrow or expand your results to precisely view tax rolls, recaps, assessment details, top tax payers, etc. Or design your own report with the built in user report feature!

Show Reports
  • Tax Roll Book
  • Tax Roll Book with Taxes Due
  • Assessment Detail
  • Previous Year Line Comparison – compare different year records to identify any difference
  • Name, Geo-code, Legal List
  • Name and Address File or Name, Address, Legal file – for export
  • Assessment Notice and State Assessment Notice
  • Tax Payer Name, Legal Listing
  • Recap by: Classification, District, Class/District – Formatted the same as the actual state reports
  • Revised Assessment Work List – easy way to track your assessment revisions. Once the records are re-billed the property is automatically removed from the list
  • Top N Taxpayer – List of the top taxpayers in the county. Indicate the number you want, like top 10 or more. Option to group property by exact name match resulting in list by tax payer name that summarizes Tax, Taxable and Market value respectively
  • Simple User Designed Reporting
  • Online Help and Manual -on screen help for every procedure – Want another printed manual? Print another one quickly

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Sharon S.–Clerk, Montana

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