Budget Preparation

Budget preparation shouldn't be done alone. We're there for you like a helpful member of your team.

  • Effectively collaborate without manual spreadsheets
  • Integration makes creating budgets quick and easy
  • Precisely calculate payroll wages and contributions
  • Create multiple what-if scenarios for negotiations

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Collaborative budget prep software for government accounting

Get your department heads together. Build a collaborative expenditure and revenue budget without spreadsheets. Because our Budget Preparation software is integrated with the general ledger, there is no need to export to or import from external data sources. Each budget record displays three years of history and the current year budget and actual for reference in setting the new fiscal year budgets. And the integrated graphing will help you communicate your new budgets faster.

The Budget Preparation software also provides a streamlined process so you can create an accurate payroll budget. Utilizing your built in salary schedules, payroll benefits and accounting information, it automatically calculates the payroll line item budgets. You will save hours compared to manual budget entry or spreadsheet import and export.

Show Budget Preparation Features
  • Multiple levels of security control access to specific menus, fields, commands, and functions.

  • Revenue and expenditure line items load quickly from Accounting. Monitor each fund’s total preliminary budget as each preliminary line item budget is entered.

  • New line items can be added directly. Obsolete non-current line items can be retained for comparison or archiving.

  • Set fund reserves and cash adjustments for amounts that should not be available for budgeting.

  • Multiple budget scenarios can be saved and/or restored.

  • To aid transaction entries at the beginning of the fiscal year, budget line and amounts may be transferred to Accounting before all of the budgets are finalized and then again when completed.

  • Integration with Microsoft Excel enables instant graphing of system reports like expenditure/revenue budget comparison, expenditure/revenue budget comparison by year, or payroll budget comparison.

  • Ledgers with month-to-date totals are instantly accessible along with total-year view.

Preliminary budget figures and line items
may be added:

  • Manually in each ledger account

  • Remotely by department heads, using secure access in which changes are restricted to their budgets only

  • Automatically by using the previous year’s budget, actual figures, or a percentage of either, which can be applied to all budgets
    or selected budgets by account code range

  • Through centralized payroll budgeting

Integrated Payroll Budget Module (included):

  • Creates annual payroll using anticipated rates

  • Calculates account totals supplying line item budget amounts

  • Prepares hypothetical cost analysis for payroll budgeting or salary negotiations (Find out, for instance how a 3 percent salary increase applied to a salary schedule affects related employer costs such as Social Security or Medicare)

  • Integrates schedules with Payroll to automatically adjust an employee’s salary for longevity pay and other scheduled increases

  • Provides payroll employee spreadsheets to account for changes in rates at any point during the budget year

  • Applies expenditure account changes in any month and to different pay types to ensure accurate payroll budgeting

Built-in reports

Being fully integrated with the general ledger in Accounting means budget reports are always up to date with real time actuals. The Revenue and Expenditure Budget Prep reports are designed to act as interactive worksheets during your budget workshops, displaying notes, justifications, and details at your discretion. Have a visual group to present to? Use our built in graphs and charts to “show” them the proposed budget plan. From Project Budgets to Payroll Budgets to every day Revenues and Expenditures, the Budget Preparation reporting options put it all at your fingertips.

Show Reports
  • Revenue Budget
  • Expenditure Budget
  • Revenues Compared with Expenditures
  • Expenditure by Activity & Object
  • Revenue/Expenditure Summary
  • Fund Summary of Revenues
  • Summary of Appropriations by Fund & Object
  • Fund Budget Summary
  • User Reporting Capabilities
  • Review & Reprint reports capabilities
  • Reports can be printed to screen for preview, directly to printer, to a file or to email
  • Special Payroll Budgeting Reports
    • Payroll Detail Report
    • Accounting Summary
    • Payroll Summary

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