Summit Code Enforcement

Improve your workflow from violations and inspections to reporting and resolution.

  • Extensive at-a-glance overview of violations
  • Time-Saving Integration with Permitting and Cash Receipting
  • Quickly and easily schedule, track and update inspections
  • View, schedule and send violation communications

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Code Enforcement Software for the 21st Century

Provide your staff with comprehensive case management software that improves workflow at every step – from violations and inspections to reporting and resolution. Black Mountain Software’s web-based, cloud hosted Summit Code Enforcement maintains detailed property information, tracks inspection statuses, facilitates communication, issues fees, and is integrated with Permitting and Cash Receipting.

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Seamless Record Management

  • The Code Enforcement Home screen provides an at-a-glance overview of violations with to do actions, violations with no future actions scheduled, and any unread messages in the Communication Portal
    • Violations With To Do Actions provides a list of open violations that have upcoming actions scheduled or actions that are past due, such as inspections to be conducted, fees to be issued, or communications to be generated
    • Violations With No Future Action Scheduled provides a list of up-to-date but still open violations that can be referenced to determine if future action is necessary. Quickly review violation records with the click of a button and follow up with new inspections, fees, or communications
  • Click any record to view full violation details
    • Includes link to property record along with an overview of actions taken (inspections, fees, communication), interactive Google Map location, and receipt history
  • Easily issue new fees, schedule inspections, or respond to communications
  • Attach images and documents to any property, violation, action, record, or form to assist with
    workflow needs
    • Supports a variety of document and image file types including PDF, TXT, DOCX, XLSX, PNG and JPG

Time-Saving Integration

  • Property records created in Code Enforcement will appear in the Permitting application
  • Permits created in the Permitting application will appear on Property records in Code Enforcement
  • Fees issued through Code Enforcement will appear in Cash Receipting for easy receipting; receipted fees are recorded in Code Enforcement’s violation Receipt History

Comprehensive Inspection Information

  • Schedule inspections as violations are reported
  • Easily track and update inspection statuses
  • Attach relevant inspection-related images or documents to violation record
  • Ability to create user-defined codes for frequent use for inspection type, inspector name, inspection status, and inspector comments

Communications Portal

  • Comprehensive communication history tracks all communications sent and received to provide increased transparency and help facilitate resolution
  • Ability to review and schedule communications ahead of time
  • Read and manage email replies received
    • Includes link to the selected communication record and corresponding violation
  • Import Word documents as Form Letter templates with word merge functionality
  • Select from one of three system-defined Communication Types: Form Letter Sent, Message Received via Comm Portal, or Message Sent via Comm Portal
  • Create user-defined Communication Types

Go Mobile

Today’s Code Enforcement requires 21st century software solutions to better manage day-to-day demands as they occur. Summit Code Enforcement maximizes efficiency and time whether on location or in the office:

  • Code Enforcement is compatible with all laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Update Inspection and Violation information with photos taken from the field during inspections
    in real time

Google Maps Integration

  • Easily view property locations from the Maps tab of any property or violation record
  • Includes Street View functionality
  • Toggle between Map and Satellite views, including terrain options

Manager Tools

  • Define global system defaults like entity email display name and default accounting period
  • System automatically logs most recent contact and violation record numbers
  • Monitor application activity with comprehensive Activity Trail that records username, item accessed, and date accessed information
  • Robust Audit Trail functionality logs form field changes for all records by tracking date changed, user, field changed, previous and new field values, and the reason for the change


  • Track user application usage over time
  • Add, edit, or remove application users on the fly
  • Assign users to predefined Admin, User, or Read Only Menu and Form Groups or create your own
    • Menu Groups restrict user access to specific application menus, such as Admin or Security
    • Form Groups restrict user access to specific forms and/or form fields and functions, such as the Contact form, its details, and the ability to add new contacts, copy existing contacts, save or delete Contact records
  • Easily view which users have edit abilities and which have read only permissions

Extensive Reporting

Code Enforcement allows users to generate detailed reports for Property Details, Violation Details, and Inspections. Each report has multiple field filtering options available and can be exported as multiple file types including PDF, CSV, Word, Excel, and more.

  • Track and manage property, violation, and inspection details with robust reporting options
  • Run interactive, customizable code and data listing reports with options to format headings or detail rows, hide or move column locations, apply filters for various fields, and sort in ascending or descending order
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel (newer), Excel, Rich Text, CSV, Word, XML, JSON, OpenDoc, OpenDoc Sheet, or PowerPoint file formats
Show Reports
Property Details
Default report includes all Property form information including Property #, Owner, Address, Type, Structure Type, Section, Township, Block, Lot, Year Built, Occupancy Load, Acres, Legal information, and any Notes for all property records. Filter by:

  • Individual Property # or range
  • Address
  • Owner Name
  • Year Built or range
  • Property Type
  • Structure Type
  • Occupancy Class
  • Zone
  • Subdivision
Default report includes all Inspection information including violation ID #, inspector, violation status, scheduled date, completed date, offender, inspection code, and address. Filter by:

  • Scheduled start date, end date, or range
  • Completed start date, end date, or range
  • Violation Inspectors
  • Inspection Inspectors
  • Violation Type
  • Violation Status
  • Inspection Code
  • Inspection Status
Violation Details
Default report includes all Violation form information including violation ID #, type, date reported and by whom, property #, status, property owner, offender, resident, inspector, address, who violation was reported to, and any Notes. Filter by:

  • Reported date or range
  • Violation Type
  • Violation Status
  • Owner, resident, and offender
  • Violation Inspector
  • Reported to
  • Reported by
  • Violation Category
  • Violation Class

Code Enforcement is only available with BMS Cloud Hosting. Variations of some mobile internet devices may affect software compatibility and limit functions.

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