Document Indexing (Montana Counties)

Document indexing software designed to make your life easier.

  • Easily maintains document recording and indexing
  • Quickly search for documents of any type
  • Built-in document scanning for fast recording
  • Amazing support to help you every step of the way

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Document software that’s easy to use

Black Mountain Software’s Document Indexing application is flexible to maintain most existing recording processes. It provides complete indexing capability, built-in integration for document scanning and viewing, and a variety of queries and reports to locate related documents. In addition, Montana recording fees and distributions are automated.

Show Document Indexing Features

Document Recording

  • Unique document number
  • Recording date and time
  • Document date
  • Type of instrument
  • Number of pages
  • Recording, filed, and four other customizable fee fields
  • Designate customer as charge or ACH payer
  • “Deliver to” name and address


  • Unlimited number of entries for:
    • Grantors
    • Grantees
    • Other document references
    • Miscellaneous legal information
    • Miscellaneous notes
    • Township, section, range, QQQ,
      tract, notes
    • Subdivision, bock, lot, tract, note
  • Property tax ID – links to property record
    in Tax and Assessor for quick lookup

Data Entry/Work Flow options

  • Record and index in the same process
  • Record and index as seperate processes
  • Seperate historical document entry area

Interactive Section grid for TN, RG, SEC 

  • Provides optional method of data entry
    and search
  • Allows search of non-contiguous property

Other Fees – Misc. Receipts

  • When not recording, collect other fees:
    • Copies, certified copies and others
    • Included in cash reconciliation reports

E-Recording interface supports:

  • Simplifile and CSC


  • Recording
    • Standard 4″ x 1″ – requires Zebra printer
    • Thin 6.5″ x .5″ – any laser printer
  • Document return
    • Full sheet 2 5/8″ 3 column
    • Zebra, Dymo – 4″ x 1″

Document Scanning

  • Supports:
    • Multi-page, duplex, standard 8.5″ x 11″ and legal document scanning
    • Black & white, grey scale and color
    • Import digital documents, e.g., plats
      for viewing​

Search for documents 

  • Filter by kind of instrument
  • Order by:
    • Grantor
    • Grantee
    • Town/range/section
    • Subdivision, lot, block
    • Legal texts
    • Document number
    • Recording date
    • Book and page
    • Tax identification number
  • Advanced – combine values to narrow search:
    • By document number range
    • Search exact for grantor, grantee and
      misc notes
    • Print a single record, list of records containing basic detail or all detail
  • View, print or email documents from
    any record
  • Export images
  • Images can be blocked from public view, e.g., military discharge document





Built-in reports

Document Indexing allows you to choose from a large selection of reports with filter options to deliver the results you want.

Show Reports

Reports can be previewed on screen, sent to a file, printer, or emailed to any number of recipients. Create your own simple reports using the built-in report writer.

  • Fee and Reception Edit List – lists all recorded, filed and other documents. Use for daily proofing and balancing.

  • Fee and Reception History – similar to the edit list. Use for archive purpose.

  • Daily Recap – provides details for transaction proofing and balancing.

  • Summarized Recap – use for longer periods, for example, monthly. Summarizes collections by day.

  • Recap, Fee, and Reception reports – Each shows:

    • Total Due for each fee type; Recording filing, copies, etc.

    • Recording fee breaks down into: non-conforming, records preservation, state information system and county information systems totals

    • Less Charges, E-Recording and ACH

    • Total cash

  • Charge List – provides a list of charge customers and the recording/filing/other fees charged for a selected date range.

  • Grantor and Grantee Index – provides all documents in order of grantor or grantee – use for a physical copy of recordings.

  • Legal Search – provides report of documents with free form legal.

  • Reference Other Document Search – provides list of documents with references to other documents, e.g., liens and lien releases.

  • Tract Index – provides a complete list of documents with detail ordered by legal description (TN, RNG, SEC) for a section of land.

  • Review and Reprint – regenerate any reports printed during the same day, will show the same results as the original report even if data has changed. Ideal for reference purpose.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Sharon S.–Clerk, Montana

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