Bank Check Upload (Montana Counties)

Eliminate manual check redemption and save hours of work. Black Mountain Software’s Bank Check interface imports check redemption information from a file you get from your bank. It contains the specific information needed to automatically redeem checks written through your BMS payroll and accounting systems, as well as, checks written by schools and various other agencies cleared through the county bank account.

A code is assigned for each type of check an entity writes, for example, payroll and claims. The code, printed on each check is read by the bank scanning equipment. Your bank includes the code in the file. The system uses a mapping table to associate the codes to the proper entity for check redemption.


  • All entities (schools, other agencies) must order new checks with the code pre-printed as a prefix of the check number in the MICR line.

  • For each check the bank’s scanning equipment reads the code and includes it with the check number in
    the file.

  • Check numbers must be at least 6 digits but not longer. Leading zeros represent unused spaces. So check #1234 must be printed on the check as 001234. For example, check #1234 with a prefix code of 25, would appear as 25001234.

  • Your bank must be able to provide a file that contains the Date, Check # (including prefix) and Amount, preferably in that order.

  • Checks without the 8 digit prefix check number combination will not be uploaded and must be manually redeemed in the system.

View Bank Check Upload PDF


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