Credit Card Manager

Do your employees use credit cards to make purchases? It sure makes it easier for many purchasing situations. Unfortunately it can really complicate the bookkeeping. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a monthly wrestling match trying to reconcile credit card statements to your vendor expenditures. The credit card manager puts you in control. Keeping track of employees’ credit card activities and multiple cards from various companies is no problem, and you can keep it all straight with the right reports to assist you.


  • Designate multiple “credit card vendors”.
  • Record credit card receipts as received from employees.
  • Immediately update expenditure lines (money is spoken for).
  • Automatically load lines from credit card documents when preparing claim documents for payment.
  • Designate Purchase Orders and/or Requisitions that will be paid via credit card.
  • Automatically post to general ledger to charge expenditure lines and move dollars into a user-defined credit card payable account tables.
  • Track history and process 1099s for vendors paid with credit cards.
  • Set up Requested By Maintenance table to contain all employees that have access to credit cards.
  • Track history for Vendors Paid by Credit Card, showing on all Vendor Detail and Vendor Summary reports.
  • Use Claim Info button, available on credit card documents, to see which documents paid the credit card transaction.
  • Select all or individual credit card transactions to load into claim lines.
  • Use both credit card documents and purchase orders/requisitions to designate credit card transactions.
  • Use Budget Reports to show dollars committed in the period credit card documents are posted.
  • Void individual lines on a credit card document if needed.


  • Credit Card Transactions Paid by Credit Card Vendor
  • Credit Card Transactions Paid by Vendor Paid
  • Credit Card Transactions Paid by Requested By
  • Outstanding Credit Card Transactions
  • Outstanding Credit Card Transactions by Requested By
  • Year End Outstanding Credit Card Documents

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