We think government payroll software should have amazing customer support, don't you?

  • Easily manage employee information, wages, and history
  • Simple benefit, deduction, and leave tracking
  • Streamlined exception-based time entry
  • Automatically produce W2s, 941s, files, and reports

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Government payroll software that you can understand

Using Black Mountain’s government payroll software is the straight forward way to satisfy your employee’s basic expectation to be paid correctly and on time; no matter how complicated or involved the rules for accomplishing this might be. You will enjoy the flexibility and ease with which it handles varied pay periods, leave, benefits and accounting.

Show Payroll Features
Employer Contributions/Deductions
  • Set deduction life by date and total amount
  • Set exclusions for certain types of pay
  • Adjust global rate to update all employees
  • Manage deferred compensations
  • Section 125
  • Annuities
  • Garnishments
  • 457
  • Others
Optional ACH Direct Deposit
  • Deposit wages electronically to any number of banks and accounts. Email pay stubs, access electronic paychecks and stubs by check number or employee name.
Integrated with ACCOUNTING
  • Automatically creates journal entries from all payments and adjustments. Clerk controls posting to Accounting ledgers.
Paycheck Correction
  • Check cancellation automatically reverses accounting and employee pay entries. No manual journal or W2 adjustments are required.
Deduction Adjustments
  • Quickly refund over-withholding. Employee deduction history is automatically adjusted and accounting entries created.
Employer Contribution Accounting
  • Use global settings, individual employee settings or combinations to achieve complete correct expenditure accounting.
Third Party Disability Payments
  • Updates employee YTD figures and simplifies Social Security and Medicare payments.
Paycheck Advances
  • Quickly produce a check and automatically deduct balance from next payroll.
Reissue Lost Checks
  • Quickly print check with new number.
Expenditure Accounting Distribution
  • Automatically distribute payroll expenditures on a percentage basis between any numbers of line items.
Time Card Entry
  • Validate accounting and distribution percentages for unlimited pay types, split by hours or percentages. Easily enter hourly distribution of expenditures and exceptions.
Leave Tracking
  • Track leave accruals and balances
  • Adjust leave balances
  • Leave accrual schedules
Salary Schedules
  • Employee records can be tied to Budget Preparation salary schedules for quick automatic salary updates.
What-If Scenario Builder
  • Analyze the effects of scenarios like changes in withholding quickly, securely, and without tedious re-keying of data.
Document Scanning
  • Forms, contracts, photos; anything that can be scanned can be added to employee records.
Optional Time Clock Interface
  • Speeds preparation by importing directly into Payroll. Automatically summarizes daily and pay period time. Eliminates the need for manual calculations.
Optional Daily Time Card Module
  • Speeds time card entry by importing completed time cards.

Built-in reports

Whether you need standard payroll reports or custom sets of reports, you’ll have every report available at your fingertips with our easy-to-use government payroll software. From employee history to deduction details, from 941s to compensated absences reports, everything you need is a click of a button away.

Show Reports
  • Payroll Worksheets
  • Proof reports before check are processed for:
    • Processed payroll
    • Time card entries
    • Expenditure accounting
    • Deductions
  • Payroll and Accounting Registers
  • Access Employee information by:
    • Pay date
    • Pay date range
  • Payroll Summaries by Pay Date Range
  • Track payroll liabilities by:
    • Current Accrual
    • Accrual Carried Forward
    • Amount Paid and Remaining Differences
  • Accounting Reports

    • Payroll Expenditure Detail
    • Journal Voucher Listing
    • Payroll/Accounting Reconciliation
  • Payment Tracking

    • Check and ACH
  • Employee History

    • Deductions
    • Contributions
    • Expenses
    • Hours
  • Employee Reports

    • New Hires
    • Leave Reports
    • Employee Labels
  • Volunteer Reports

    • Time Card Worksheets
    • Expenditure Worksheets
    • Accounting Register
  • Quarterly and Other Deductions

    • Workers Comp Summary
    • Unemployment Summary
    • 941 (Editable/Printable)
    • State Reports

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

I love Black Mountain; everything is so EASY.  I knew BMS could do it, because it can do anything I want it to.

Linda P.–Assistant Clerk, Montana

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