County Cash Receipting

We’ve taken cash receipting for counties to a whole new level. Designed and engineered with expanded capabilities and intuitive functions, County Cash Receipting software greatly improves your internal cash controls.

In addition to the standard features you depend on every day in the Tax module, we’ve added
task-specific efficiencies for improved time savings and additional data retrieval for comprehensive reporting.


Efficient Tax Receipting Features

  • A single tax receipt screen – no more choosing between menus of different receipt screens
    and options
  • Allows quick mode changes, from bar code scan to manual entry without leaving the receipt screen
  • Displays all taxes due when receipting both current and delinquent are displayed
  • Taxes for multiple properties may be receipted in a single transaction and combined on one customer receipt
  • Multiple property search options: tax ID, name, or property address

Improved Cash Control

  • Each clerk’s transactions can be isolated – separate balancing at end of the day can help isolate cash handling problems
  • Reports by Operator – detailed reports by operator and drawer simplifies reconciliation and daily balancing
  • Records payment type: cash, check, credit card, electronic transfer or a combination of these payment types
  • Compares manually calculated control total with system total to assist with balancing
  • Separate payments received by mail, at counter, or from mortgage file into separate batches for easier balancing

General Receipt Functions Exclusively in CCR

  • Fast access to all historical transactions
  • Display amount of change returned
  • Transaction date and time displayed on receipts and reports
  • Reprinted Receipts are marked as Reprinted
  • Over/under function – tracks small discrepancies in amount received versus amount due
  • Place A101 and tax payments on the same receipt, this allows a quick adjustment to be posted in the case of an over or under tax payment

Standard Features

County Cash Receipting includes many standard tax system features and functions you rely
on every day, including:

  • Setting interest date for delinquents
  • Bar code scanning for fast receipting
  • Notification of tax due from the mortgage company
  • Import mortgage company files
  • Transaction codes and templates speed entry of typical transactions
  • Scan and attach supporting documents to receipts
  • Find taxpayer record being paid using tax ID, name or property address


Reports can be previewed on screen, emailed, or sent to a file or printer. Choose from a large selection of built-in variations, such as:

  • Individual Receipting Journal by Drawer
  • Combined Total Journal for All Drawers
  • Detailed Reports by Drawer and Collection Type
  • Journal Voucher Report for Accounting
  • Export Print File in Variety of File Formats
  • Print Reports by User-Defined Date Range and Transaction Type
  • Ability to define payments by cash, check, credit

View County Cash Receipting PDF


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