Outsource Bills

Do you think time spent nursing your printer through tax bill printing could be better utilized? Outsource Bills eliminates the headache of in-house bill printing. And, you can choose to work with your own printing company or Black Mountain’s bill printing partner Billing Document Specialists.


Outsource Bill Printing provides two great options:

Option 1  Purchase Outsource Bills and work with a printing company of your choice. Outsource Bills allows you to produce, then provide the standard tax bill file to your printing company. In addition to the purchase, annual maintenance and printing company costs, there are additional costs when the standard file must be altered for any reason or if your printing company needs to consult with BMS.

Option 2  Outsource your bill printing to Billing Document Specialists (BDS), and get Outsource
Bills from BMS at no charge. BDS has very competitive rates and provides several attractive options.
After you sign up with BDS, you simply create Tax Bills, create the file and deliver it to them via
their website.*

When you choose option two*, it includes:

  • BMS software interface: $0 (as long as you use BDS as the printing company)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $0 (as long as you use BDS as the printing company)
  • Cost of work that BMS may need to do on your behalf with BDS: $0

The competitively priced standard BDS offer includes:

  • Labor
    • Sorting, stuffing and sealing
  • Forms
    • Tax bill processing and printing
  • Envelopes
  • Postage and mailing
    • Address accuracy via NCOA reporting which results in lower mailing costs
  • Easy and efficient interaction with BDS via their website
    • Transfer files
    • View samples
    • Provide approvals

BDS also offers additional services:

  • Don’t like the standard BMS Tax Bill layout? Customize it with:
    • Custom form options
    • Black and white or full color inserts
    • Online PDF archive available – print or email
    • Mailing address consolidation – bills for the same address go into one envelope, further reducing your costs
* If BDS printing service is discontinued to work with a different printing company of your choice, Outsource Bills must be purchased. 
* Work on your behalf with your printing company (unless that company is BDS) will be charged at BMS hourly rates; currently $175/hr.

View Outsource Bills PDF


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