Sales Tax

Sales tax isn't always easy to deal with. We're there for you like a helpful member of your team.

  • Efficiently track taxes, fees, penalties, and interest
  • Easily produce reports based on business types
  • Accommodate different receipt cycles
  • Track and generate customer history

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Sales tax software that makes your life easier

Black Mountain Software’s Sales Tax software helps cities control the collection of tax payments and maintain essential information regarding tax-related transactions for selected businesses.

When cities add Sales Tax to their Black Mountain Cash Receipting software – or even if they just add it as a standalone product – receipting the sales tax they collect immediately becomes much easier. A key reason is that the module is designed to aid the process of receipting into various categories, which then makes tracking and reporting by those categories easy as well.  A complete history of tax-related activity is maintained by the Sales Tax system.

Show Sales Tax Features
  • Record
    • Business name and ID number
    • Contact Information
    • Business Type Code (Food, Lodging, etc.)
    • Location (User Defined)
    • Receipt Cycle (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
    • Status (Active/Inactive)
  • Information maintained for each Sales Tax transaction includes:
    • Month and Year for receipts
    • Gross Sales $, Exempt $, Net Sales $, Tax Amount
    • Admin Fees
    • Adjustment Amounts
    • Penalty Amounts
    • Interest Amounts
    • Print Sales Certificate using Microsoft Word™ merge
    • Take full or partial payments
    • Use standalone or integrated with BMS’s Cash Receipting system

Built-in reports

Show Reports
  • Receipt Report
  • Receipts by Date Range
  • Receipt Summary by Period
  • Receipt Detail by Period
  • Payment History
  • Delinquent Payments
  • Business Listing
  • Business Type Comparison
  • Location Comparison by Receipt Date
  • Location Comparison by Receipt Period
  • Business Listing for Uncollected Receipts

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

I just received a call from the State Auditor’s office regarding my annual report. He said I get a Gold Star for a perfect submission – he’s never seen a perfect report before. No flaws! I contribute it all to Black Mountain Software.

Teresa M.–Clerk/Treasurer, Wyoming

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