Student Accounts

  • Quickly take and print receipts
  • Simple reconciliation of bank statement
  • Process 1099s for vendors
  • Easily allocate miscellaneous charges across activity accounts

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It has never been easier to manage student accounts

Managing the details of your student activity funds is easy with Black Mountain’s Student Accounts software. The process of taking student account payments and printing receipts is streamlined with this time-saving, accuracy-enhancing software module. Additionally, creating purchase orders and processing purchase checks is simplified because this process is also done directly in the Student Accounts system. Student Accounts distributes miscellaneous income and/or charges to each activity fund proportionally based on rules the user defines.

Show Student Accounts Features
  • Multiple investment accounts can be established allowing for investment management (certificates of deposits, savings)
  • Issue receipts for payments received to any account. Receipt income can be automatically added to a deposit. Display outstanding receipt income not yet deposited
  • Establish receipt codes to avoid repetitive multiple line entries
  • Purchase Orders track ordered items prior to payment, show encumbered purchases in account balances
  • Issue checks individually or in batch groups. Warning appears before posting an insufficient-funds check
  • Proportionally distribute miscellaneous charges or income to selected accounts based on account balances as of posting date
  • Select accounts to include or exclude proportional distribution of miscellaneous expenses or income
  • Establish account groups for optional data sorting by more than one account. Reports enable grouping of specific activities; for example, an “athletics group” in addition to individual account reports

Built-in reports

These Student Accounts reports are easy to generate and will make your job easier.

Show Reports
  • Receipt Register
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Statement of Activities
  • Receipt/Expense Summary by Accounts, Account Groups, or Objects
  • Transfer Register
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Payment History
  • Activity Detail/Modified Activity Detail
  • Check Register
  • Outstanding Checks
  • Cleared Checks
  • Voided Checks
  • Receipt Register
  • Receipt Type Detail
  • Vendor Report
  • Vendor Detail Query
  • Vendor Summary Query
  • Payee Report
  • List Batch Checks to Process
  • Deposit Register
  • Outstanding Deposits
  • Cleared Deposits
  • Investment Register
  • Investment Account Distribution

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

Student Accounts is simple and easy to reconcile. The way that the windows are laid out is simple – smart.

Pamela H.–School District Clerk, Montana

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