Service Orders

Service order software that's easy to learn, just listen to our customers.

  • Accurately track work orders from creation to completion
  • Manage service requests efficiently
  • Accelerate the work order process
  • Fully integrates with Utility Billing for improved workflow

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Service Order software without the hassle

Provides the capability to manage service orders (work orders) generated as part of the utility billing, meter reading, and public works processes. Easily creates many different types of service orders including service needs related to leaks, turning on new service, shut offs, and other customers’ service requests.

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  • Service Order Number – Generate unique identification numbers for all service orders in a given year.
  • Date/Time Recording – Records dates and times related to service orders (date and time created, required and cancelled).
  • Status Monitoring – Monitor and control the status of each service order: active, completed, held, reopened or cancelled. Maintains fee status of charge, none, and waived.
  • Personnel Tracking – Specify personnel authorized to approve service orders, those that can be assigned a service order, operators that can enter and modify service orders, and requestor types. Using this data, SERVICE ORDERS enables recording by whom each order was originated, to whom it was assigned, by whom it was last modified, and by whom it was approved. Record information regarding the requestor of service by type, name and address.
  • Service Type – Select a service order type to display the proper pre-sent format and fee amount. The Service Order software displays the types as a pick list.
  • Unlimited Comments – Unlimited free-form text comment section may be used to record any additional information/instructions related to the service order.
  • Customized Service Order Software Form – Specify order form for each type of service ensuring uniformity of data entry. Specify fee amounts (if any) for selected service types.
  • Integrated with Utility Billing – Relate each service order to a specific account in Utility Billing by selecting the appropriate utility billing account number from a pick list. Our Service Order software links the service order to that account, then displays the service address, customer name and address, and selected meter information. When an account is accessed from within Utility Billing , all service orders for that account, regardless of status, may be accessed directly without having to access the Service Order software.

Built-in reports

Service Orders provides useful reports intended to make tracking these daily duties simple. Whether you need a list of outstanding service orders, want to know who requested them, or a graph showing service order by type, we have the reports you need built in.

Show Reports

  • Service Orders with Requestor Information
  • Multiple Full Page Service Orders
  • Microsoft Excel Graph of Numbers of Service Orders by Type
  • Service Orders with UB Information
  • Service Order Listings by Creation Date, Required
  • By Date, Completed Date and Not Yet Printed
  • Service Orders by Man Hole ID
  • Review and reprinting of reports

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

You are absolutely great with help and understanding. Without your help and without your software I would be up a creek without a paddle and with many sleepless nights and would need to take some stress relief pills.

Sharon S.–Clerk, Montana

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