Remote Service Orders

This web-based software as a service leverages today’s technology to get you working smarter. Field staff can keep their service orders up-to-date electronically from the field, making status changes and entering other information that then becomes immediately available to the office staff. Utilizing the latest web technology, field staff can view maps and get driving directions from the application interface. Many smartphones offer the potential for voice entry of text and touch screen dialing.

If you already utilize Black Mountain Software’s Service Order application, then all you need to get started is:

  1. Purchase of Remote Service Orders service
  2. Quick installation of required files on one of your network computers
  3. Cellular internet for your field connection devices, such as a laptop, smart phone or any device capable of running an internet browser


  • Search By: Order #, Requestor Name, Assigned To, Customer Name, Required Date, Status, Service Type
  • Sort Lists of SO by: Date Required, Address, Customer, Requestor, Service Order #
  •  Service Orders are available to field staff immediately after office staff posts them
  • Office staff can update SO with new information that becomes available immediately
  • Field staff can update status to show job is complete or pending an action
  • Field staff can update note field text to provide more extensive description of work

View Remote Service Orders PDF


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