UB-ACH (Automated Clearing House)

The ACH module allows billed amounts to be collected electronically from a customer’s bank account. After each billing, the Utility Billing system generates a file containing transactions for each participating customer. Following your bank’s instructions the file is delivered to them where transactions are processed crediting your account.

The benefits aren’t hard to see. With fewer payments to receipt and fewer checks to deposit, using the ACH module translates to lower costs and saved time. Not only that, your customers will enjoy the no-hassle convenience of automatic payment.


  • Manage your ACH payers and receipts
  • Global Bank definition helps speed initial customer setup
  • Credit all the ACH customer accounts with one quick action
  • You control timing of receipt posting
  • Easily correct receipts if payments aren’t transferred because of closed accounts, NSF, or other reasons


Information can be ordered by account number or customer name. Select one or more banks to group customers by their bank. Reports include the following information: account number, customer name, payment amount by service type, post date and receipt number.

  • Accounts with Complete Bank Information
  • Direct Debit Only Accounts with Complete Bank Information
  • Pre-Note Only with Complete Bank Information
  • Detailed ACH Collection – ordered by account number



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