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Accounting Terms Defined (A – N)

Verifying balance sheet

Like it or not, accounting is an integral, and necessary part of our jobs.  There is not a single business or agency today that does not have some element of accounting to attend to: tax reporting, billing, payables, receivables, payroll.  For such an important role it plays, it is not uncommon for the job to be handed over to someone with little, or no accounting experience.  And while these jobs may start with an accounting introduction that includes entering invoices, billing customers, or entering payroll, it is important to understand how inaccurate entries or account coding can affect the overall accounting picture. Read more >

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Benefits of Good Record Keeping

budgetAs the budget prep process begins for some of you for next year, we can reflect on our budget prep successes, as well as opportunities for improvements in 2013.  Because the devil is so often in the details, maybe you’ve added “better recordkeeping” to your list of personal goals.

Black Mountain Software (BMS) has an assortment of features that can help make your payables and receivables organized, searchable, and documented.   Why is this important? Because keeping a good record of receipts, invoices, bills, checks, and cash transactions can help you cross-reference payables and receivables against your budget, as well as help plan future budget activities. Read more >

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