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How Much Can You Charge for Your John Hancock: Guide for Notary Publics

the church of notary public

Did you know that notaries in Maine can solemnize marriage? Or that notary publics in Washington DC can become government notaries and sign documents in any state?  Or that Louisiana notaries must carry errors and omissions (E&O) insurance?

While these are all lesser-known facts about notaries, even the simple questions like “How much can a notary charge?” are often unknown.  A recent discussion on the City Clerk Cafe LinkedIn Group for Government Clerks found that the answers, though regulated by individual states under the Notary Act, are vastly different.  That’s because while the state government often outlines common fee maximums, there is ambiguity when it comes to charging for things like “mobile” or travel fees, and wait times.  Also, while state maximums control the maximum amount a notary is allowed to charge, it is left up to the notary whether they want to charge less, or nothing at all.  The notary also has the power to determine if they want to charge a flat rate, or a per-document rate. Read more >

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