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How The Cloud Protects Office Data

English: Diagram showing three main types of c...Many organizations and government entities have chosen to store and access their data in the Cloud. But what’s so special about the Cloud?

Well, while most use the Cloud personally for easier access to their data from anywhere, there is also a level of added security that comes with using a Cloud solution for data storage and backups.

Because data stored on the Cloud is accessible to users from any location with internet access, it displaces the traditional server and hard-drive vulnerabilities of data being stored in a single location, making it more secure than data stored on company computers. Read more >

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New BMS Cloud Platform Comes With New Enhancements

Cloud ScreenshotAt Black Mountain Software, we strive to provide our cloud-hosted government accounting and utility billing clients with the best available working environment that we can.

With the arrival of 2014, it became time for us to retire our local servers that host our clients’ data and begin moving clients to our newest cloud platform. Our newest platform includes greater up-time and performance and the clients we are hosting on it couldn’t be happier.

General software usage on the new platform will not change, but there will be some slight differences with this newer platform that we would like to introduce you to:

The BMS Dashboard – The biggest change with the new platform is that clients now have a single shortcut that opens a ‘dashboard’ from which they access all of their BMS applications and receive helpful newsfeed items. Read more >

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Synchronized Data Backups

By Wayne Carriere, BMS President

Black Mountain Software has previously addressed the importance of properly creating and maintaining daily backups of critical database files, covering a variety of details related to the backup process in various publications. However, one of the most often overlooked items is that these backups need to be “synchronized” to provide the greatest protection in case of live data loss.

What are “synchronized” backups and why are they important?A synchronized backup provides a snapshot of how everything was in each application database at essentially a single point in time. It is normally scheduled to run automatically late each night. Read more >

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