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Black Mountain Software Teams Up to Clean Up! Green Up!

In conjunction with the Polson Chamber of Commerce and The Beautification Committee of Envision Polson, Black Mountain Software contributed to the annual Clean Up! Green Up! event on Friday, April 24.

The first step to having a beautiful, welcoming community that we are all proud of is to have it trash free. Black Mountain Software ‘Green Team’ volunteers spent their Friday evening picking up trash along a two mile stretch of the Polson walking path from O’Reilly Auto Parts to Mission Valley Auto.

Both Black Mountain Software offices are located in beautiful, picturesque Montana regions. Conserving, reusing, recycling, and being mindful of our environment and planet are everyday practices at Black Mountain Software. Read more >

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Software Tools for Utility Billing Clerks’ Many Hats

Amsterdam_-_Hats_-_0931When that utility bill comes to a customer’s mailbox, it looks so simple: usage, charges, balance and due date. Perhaps it contains a message about upcoming events or holiday service schedules. But does the customer ever visualize the person who produced and touched the document they now behold?

Who is that person?

In a tiny town, it could be the same person who records the decisions made at City Council meetings, maintains the municipal budget and drives the school bus. In a larger operation, paper bills might be handed off to a mailroom clerk for processing.

Many people (or one person with mega-many hats) often contribute to the complex bundle of scheduled procedures that enable water to flow when the faucet is turned on. Read more >

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Just Released: Section Reporting Question Nixed if it Doesn’t Apply

Opening and closing question marksHow can we make the lives of utility billing clerks a little easier? This is the question that runs through our minds on the daily. Sometimes, it’s not about making something new, but rather, making something that already exists work a little better. This was the case with one little section reporting question in our Utility Billing program…

Since the beginning of time (okay, really just since Version 2.0130 in the late 1990’s), BMS Utility Billing software has had a screen that requires clerks to answer yes or no (“Would you like to select a section?”) before proceeding with their report run. Read more >

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Journey of a BMS Summer Intern

by: Abigail Luke, BMS Summer Intern

Week 1 – Hello All!

As some of you may not know, my name is Abigail Luke (you may also call me Abby), and I am the new intern at the Polson office of Black Mountain Software. I will be spending my summer getting to know more about BMS while also chronicling my adventures on the BMS Blog.

Since we will be getting acquainted throughout the summer, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.

I will be starting my fourth year of college in the fall. I just earned my Associate of Arts degree in Business Management from Salish Kootenai College, our local community college in Pablo, MT. Read more >

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Chronicles of a Montana County Road Warrior in Libby, MT (Guest Blog)

by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software.  What you are about to read is real.

December 13, 2012 -Libby, MT

Well its Sunday, three days after my day two ended (WARNING: Day 2 material just isn’t as fresh as Day 1 and may contain unintended embellishments). But let’s go back…back into the murky world of memory…. Like in the movie Ground Hog’s Day with Ben Affleck….oh wait I mean Bill Murray…nonetheless, my eyes snapped open to the same alarm. Read more >

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All Roads Lead to Polson, MT: The Journey of Two New Hires

Based on popular feedback following the fall conference season, we’d like to highlight a couple of Black Mountain Software’s newest members of our team: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator, and Pat Cook, County Support Specialist.  Both David and Pat have “been around the county block” so to speak, and have an exciting vision for the future development of Black Mountain Software’s county customers.

Though David says he is a bit embarrassed that his experience “shows so much” that he “could use some wrinkle cream,” he is proud that his journey began—and now continues—at Black Mountain Software.  As one of the first employees at BMS in 1993, David started his days working out of Vice President Jack Liebschutz’s converted garage.  Read more >

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Lifelong Learning with BMS Training

Recently, in our post “Lifelong Learning: The benefits and the how-to“, we discussed the benefits of feeding your brain with new knowledge over the course of your career.  These benefits–better understanding, sharpness, adaptability, youth, credibility, and cohesiveness–all contribute to workplace happiness, relationships, and job security.

Well, at Black Mountain Software, we like to practice what we preach, so we are proud to announce our summer training schedule. Join us for one of our many mini-training opportunities and learn more about processes and features that will help you more adequately and efficiently use Black Mountain Software.

For more information or to register for these online classes, hosted by our friendly Support Specialists, go to the BMS website and login. Read more >

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