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2014 City Clerk Salary Survey Results and Infographic

Last month, we asked members of our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Cafe, to participate in a city clerk salary survey to find out more about city council and city clerk pay. We wanted to paint an accurate picture of how population affects city council, mayor, and city clerk salary.

What we found was very interesting!

What we learned from the 2014 City Clerk Salary Survey

  • The higher the city population, the higher the City Council pay–by quite a bit! In towns with under 5,000 residents, the salary of a city council member may just be less than the gas it costs to get to the meeting—an average of $2,400 a year!
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    Is the Majority Always Right?

    Majority rules, right?  But is “majority rules” always right?

    In a council, a majority can change policy, make policy, and determine how a city, district, or school is governed.  That’s a lot of power for a council of say, seven, where a “majority” may actually be a three-to-three tie, and one wavering vote changes policy.

    Raised under the idea of democracy and “majority rules,” we are conditioned to believe that the majority vote is fair.  And generally, that’s true.  True, if all conditions are favorable to a cohesive, thoughtful vote.  But conditions in a board meeting or council meeting can get intense, volatile, passionate, and hurried–all factors that can flaw the process. Read more >

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