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Cost of impact fees: who pays for them and what they fund

We recently found a study done on impact fees: what they fund, what percentage is allocated where, and to whom the highest impact fees are imposed. We found it so interesting, we developed an infographic using the information to share with everyone here at the Clerk Cafe. Here are the results.

You may find it interesting to see what types of structures are charged the most, and what programs the fees contribute to.

What are impact fees?

Impact fees are fees imposed by local government on new or proposed development projects to pay for the cost of providing public services (water, sewer, gas, streets, sidewalks) to that development. Read more >

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Parliamentary Motions that are Debatable, Amendable, and the Required Vote

Gavel & Stryker

Robert’s Rules of Order is the most widely adopted parliamentary authority in the United States, containing rules of order for deliberative assembly and parliamentary procedure.

In this publication, you can find reliable reference tables and explanations of procedures for legally binding assembly and general parliamentary law.  This reference helps for traditional, formal, and law-abiding procedure for law adoption.

It is the duty of the presiding officer to enforce the council’s rules and procedures, whether those procedures be that of the Robert’s Rules of Order, or something similar.   But in the interest of time and simplicity, it is great when an officer can use tools such as this “Chart of Parliamentary Procedure Motions” as a cross-reference during council meetings.  Read more >

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