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Appointed Vs. Elected Clerks: Which is Better?

ballot for elected officialRecently on our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Café, someone posed the question, “Which is better – elected or appointed clerks?” and asked for feedback regarding how their city clerk positions are filled and what the pros and cons are of each.

We thought this brought up a great topic of debate and would like to share with you some of the benefits we (and fellow city clerks) came up with when it comes to both types of city officials.

Pros to Appointed Clerks

No campaign garbage. When a clerk is appointed, they don’t have to spend time campaigning and rallying, so there is no election mail, campaign flyers, and yard signs to produce, procure, and assemble just to end up in the landfill someday. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Town of Circle, MT

We love to “circle” the 24 states where Black Mountain Software has customers, in search of Small Town Stories, and our latest stop is the Town of Circle, Montana!

Recently, the Town of Circle happened to become Black Mountain Software’s 300th Montana customer. We decided to celebrate this milestone by delivering a $300 check to the Circle Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture to use toward their annual Town & Country Day expenses. Emily Guldborg, Treasurer for the Chamber and Manager of the McCone County Credit Union, responded that they “greatly appreciated” the extra monies for their event, which celebrates the region’s rich agriculture and ranching industries (the area’s main economic driving force). Read more >

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2014 City Clerk Salary Survey Results and Infographic

Last month, we asked members of our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Cafe, to participate in a city clerk salary survey to find out more about city council and city clerk pay. We wanted to paint an accurate picture of how population affects city council, mayor, and city clerk salary.

What we found was very interesting!

What we learned from the 2014 City Clerk Salary Survey

  • The higher the city population, the higher the City Council pay–by quite a bit! In towns with under 5,000 residents, the salary of a city council member may just be less than the gas it costs to get to the meeting—an average of $2,400 a year!
  • Read more >
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    How Much Money Does a City Clerk Really Make? You Tell Us!

    Have you ever wondered how your city’s salary compares to those across the US?  If so, you should participate in our City Clerk Salary Poll.

    We thought, why not utilize the 700 city clerks on our LinkedIn group, the City Clerk Café, to paint a more accurate picture of city clerk pay?  So, we are doing just that!  Asking YOU how much YOU really make, and how satisfied you are with that number.

    To participate, go to:


    Note: All personal information is confidential, and you will only be asked to furnish an email address if you would like to receive notification of the results. Read more >

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    Chronicles of a Montana County Road Warrior in Libby, MT (Guest Blog)

    by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

    These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software.  What you are about to read is real.

    December 13, 2012 -Libby, MT

    Well its Sunday, three days after my day two ended (WARNING: Day 2 material just isn’t as fresh as Day 1 and may contain unintended embellishments). But let’s go back…back into the murky world of memory…. Like in the movie Ground Hog’s Day with Ben Affleck….oh wait I mean Bill Murray…nonetheless, my eyes snapped open to the same alarm. Read more >

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