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EOY Financial Statements

Common Mistakes on EOY Financial Statements

A2014-10-03O-Nas if the beginning of the new year—with all its accruals, deferred assets, and budget comparisons—wasn’t a big enough bugger, those in charge of end-of- year financial statements have one more obstacle in their year-end reporting: examining the financial reports for accuracy.

Thoroughly reviewing end-of-year reports to ensure accuracy and accountability is vital. With so many items and numbers to look at, that can be an overwhelming task, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes found on financial statements.

Common Mistakes on End-of-Year Financial Statements and Reports

Overlooking Expense Line Items. Read more >

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IP Addresses

Do you know yours and what it does?

I2014-10-03O-Nat was an almost laughable moment when we—a software company—were trying to explain to an outside technology-marketing consultant why she couldn’t inquiry her IP address to install a simple security feature. It made us realize: if the people we work with don’t fully understand IP addresses, there are
probably a lot of our clients who work on computers all day and still don’t quite understand them either!

What is an IP address?

The IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique numeric label assigned to your computer or smart machine, which allows it to communicate with other
devices on the Internet; sort of a telephone number for your computer. Read more >

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Keys to Good Customer Service in Eight Letters (CUSTOMER)


We love customer service! We love working with clients, and getting to know them throughout the integration process. In honor of Customer Service Week, we thought we would publish our thoughts on what makes good customer service.

No matter what your job or industry, there are always moments when we need to put on our customer service hats. That’s why these principles apply to everyone, no matter what product or service they deliver, and how often they interface with customers!

Keys to Good Customer Service in Eight Letters

C – Confidence. Being well-trained and knowledgeable, offering immediate answers, and having the ability and permission to deal with the issue at hand all creates a confidence with the customer that will keep them coming back. Read more >

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What Counties Do That Matters

Did you know there are 3,069 counties in the US, and they are the key level of government, serving the people directly? They are responsible for providing all essential public services and are mandated by federal and state laws and regulations.

That’s a lot of responsibility for the small amount of employees who manage them…and that’s why counties matter so much!

So, county workers, here’s your chance to brag. Next time someone asks, “What does my county do for me?” you can say:

  • Counties manage expenditures of more than $450 billion, including law enforcement, construction, human services, education, and health services.
  • Read more >
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    City Clerk Salary: How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make?

    How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make (City Clerk Salary Infographic)Last month, we asked our blog readers and members of our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Cafe, to participate in a city clerk salary survey to find out how much city clerks get paid. We wanted to paint an accurate picture of how much money a city clerk employee actually makes. We asked our over 700 Clerk Café members to participate, and that’s exactly what they did!

    What we found was very interesting!

    What didn’t surprise us:

    • City clerks have girl power. Of those who responded, 80 percent were female.  Despite a world where gender roles are changing, it seems the role of the city clerk employee still mostly belongs to the women.
    Read more >
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    Accounting Terms Defined (A – N)

    Verifying balance sheet

    Like it or not, accounting is an integral, and necessary part of our jobs.  There is not a single business or agency today that does not have some element of accounting to attend to: tax reporting, billing, payables, receivables, payroll.  For such an important role it plays, it is not uncommon for the job to be handed over to someone with little, or no accounting experience.  And while these jobs may start with an accounting introduction that includes entering invoices, billing customers, or entering payroll, it is important to understand how inaccurate entries or account coding can affect the overall accounting picture. Read more >

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    Benefits of Good Record Keeping

    budgetAs the budget prep process begins for some of you for next year, we can reflect on our budget prep successes, as well as opportunities for improvements in 2013.  Because the devil is so often in the details, maybe you’ve added “better recordkeeping” to your list of personal goals.

    Black Mountain Software (BMS) has an assortment of features that can help make your payables and receivables organized, searchable, and documented.   Why is this important? Because keeping a good record of receipts, invoices, bills, checks, and cash transactions can help you cross-reference payables and receivables against your budget, as well as help plan future budget activities. Read more >

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    Because You Wouldn’t Use a Spoon to Shovel Your Driveway – Fund Accounting Software

    We’ve all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  So, why would a customer consider switching to Black Mountain Software (BMS) if they’ve always used QuickBooks?  While QuickBooks may be “working just fine” for your agency, providing clerks with software that will help them be more efficient and accurate means higher productivity, better accuracy, and less frustration for everybody.

    How so?  Well, you wouldn’t buy wheelbarrows and shovels for a street superintendent when front-end loaders and dump trucks are needed.  The same idea stands here: why would you use software designed for the accounting needs of very small businesses, when there is a customized solution, specifically made for government clerks available? Read more >

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