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Conference Swag: How to Re-Use Your BMS Mint Tin

We’re all well-versed in “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” but how familiar are you with 20 Ways to Use Your Empty Mint Tin? Well, we’ve come up with a list for just that because Black Mountain Software will be giving away 2,000 tins of mints at conferences across the US in 2015 (see also, “How to Re-purpose Your BMS Conference Coffee Mug“)!

When all of the tasty mints are gone, there will be a lot of people wondering what to do with the tin. Whether it’s a mint tin or municipal or school accounting software, we want to help you get the most out of everything you get from Black Mountain Software. Read more >

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13 Ways to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

Through the years, Black Mountain Software has established a reputation of showing up at municipal and school conferences with some pretty creative promotional items. We wouldn’t want you to think we’ve fallen off the creative bandwagon when we begin to unpack and stack coffee mugs at our conference booth table this year, so we would like to suggest some clever, innovative ways to use the Black Mountain Software coffee mug.

While the first idea isn’t terribly imaginative, we think it will be popular; our creativity really begins to peak around item No. 11!

Conference Swag: How to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

1.  Read more >

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Getting the Most Out of Your Government Conference Experience

Autumn is fast approaching and alongside it comes many exciting things: colorful Montana foliage, brisk nights, a new school year, new budgets, and…conferences.

In order to make the most of the bustling September conference schedule, we like to put our heads together and make a plan of attack.

Previously, we’ve talked about how conference attendees can maximize their conference experience with these five tips:

  • Navigate through the chaos.  Knowing that conferences are jam-packed with information and activities, determine a plan of action ahead of time.  List out the vendors you want to see and the seminars you want to attend ahead of time, so you don’t forget and miss out!
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2013 BMS Conference Schedule and Tips

BMS ConferencesWith the arrival of March ahead, the 2013 BMS Conference Season is now well underway. From now through October, rarely will there be a week that team members at Black Mountain Software aren’t assembling conference boxes, carefully packing their BMS logo shirts in suitcases, practicing presentations, and double checking on cookie shipments.  “Wait – cookie shipments?” you may ask…yes, we said cookies!  Our BMS staff will come armed to most of the conferences with the tastiest, most decadent macadamia nut cookies this side of the conference circuit!  Lucky conference goers will leave with these delicious treats to add to their bag of conference swag.   Read more >

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