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Behind The Scenes: Black Mountain Software’s Tea Campaign

by: David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Black Mountain Software has a long history of giving away nice little gifts through direct mail marketing campaigns and at municipal and school conferences. For example:

  • 2011 iTunes-type gift card for a free downloadable song
  • 2010 Tin of refreshing mints
  • 2009 (Spring) Black Mountain Software cookies
  • 2009 (Autumn) Black Mountain Gourmet Blend coffee
  • 2008 Black Mountain microwave popcorn

Pretty cool stuff! But being new to the company and knowing how expensive direct mail campaigns are, I hesitated last fall before jumping right into plans for another giveaway.  A chat with our Sales team didn’t reveal a lot of solid compelling sales data from past campaigns, but what it did reveal is a strong feeling that the gift items have helped boost our brand recognition and BMS’ positioning as a friendly, service-oriented company that really cares about our customers.  Being a huge believer in the importance of brand strength and positioning, that was enough for me–we launched into plans for a 2012 direct mail and conference giveaway campaign. Read more >

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