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Summertime, and the (utility) billing’s easy…

English: Impact Sprinkler Mechanism Français :...Don’t you wish calculating and billing sewer usage charges was as easy as…turning a faucet?  With Black Mountain Software’s usage averaging features, it can be!

Many of our water and sewer customers bill more than a flat rate for sewer charges.  Since water usage is a metered and measurable number, many utilities calculate sewer usage by calculating the amount of sewer expected to flow based on the amount of water used.

In warmer months, customers water their lawns and gardens. During this time, water goes into the ground instead of the sewer system, so it’s unfair to charge for sewer based fully on water usage. Read more >

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Software to Assist Local Governments with Energy Assistance Programs

By Julia Caro, Utility Billing Support Team Lead

Energy Assistance ProgramPayment Methods, programs funded by state and federal agencies to help pay energy bills for people who qualify as “low income,” are generally seen as a good thing.  But when trying to seamlessly integrate these programs into your billing infrastructure, a good thing can quickly go bad!  An emerging issue with local governments using these Energy Assistance Programs is implementing the proper payment procedures within their billing software.  Black Mountains Software has a solution for that, which makes this good thing even better!

What are the common guidelines for Energy Assistance Program billings?

When Energy Assistance Program payments are received by the utility provider, they must be processed according to the guidelines set forth by the agency. Read more >

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Cold as Ice: How to winterize your home


Oh, the weather outside is frightful alright! And now is a great time to remember all the steps it takes to get the inside of your house delightful. We thought we’d post some good winterization tips to share with not only our fellow clerks, but also for our cities and districts so they could pass these tips along to their citizens.  After all, winterizing keeps you safe, efficient, green, and warm and prevents your home from being COLD AS ICE.

C – Clean Gutters. Clean and remove debris from gutters to prevent ice dams from forming. Make sure downspouts take water away from the home’s foundation to prevent flooding. Read more >

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