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Regaining Youthful Enthusiasm and Energy for a Positive Work Day

girlOnSwingChildren have an enthusiasm for learning that is unprecedented— and an outlook on time that is like no other. But as we get older, the days and years fly by and enthusiasm dwindles, or sometimes disappears completely.

At Black Mountain Software, we believe that a child-like enthusiasm for life and work fosters growth and happiness within your job. We have suggestions on how to boost your energy and enthusiasm levels, so that you can feel youthful excitement about tackling your work each and every day!

How to Get Your Youthful Enthusiasm and Energy Back

Open your eyes

Life is happening all around us, but most of the time we are too busy or otherwise preoccupied, and totally miss the fun and beauty around us. Read more >

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Consequences of Leave Without Pay and Nonpay Status

LWOP…you might call it a self-directed furlough.

Out of Office

LWOP (leave without pay or “nonpay status”) is a temporary unpaid status and approved absence from duty, generally at the request of the employee. Some people may wonder why anyone would be interested in taking LWOP, but if you’re a clerk you probably have experienced a variety of reasons people choose to utilize this option. And you probably can understand that having software that helps you manage LWOP is really helpful. If you have Black Mountain Payroll software, you can create an LWOP “time type” to account for Leave With Out Pay hours.  This enables you to “show” the hours to employees on their timecard/check stub and allows the payroll clerk to run reports on LWOP time for reporting to management. Read more >

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