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City Clerk Salary: How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make?

How Much Money Does a City Clerk Make (City Clerk Salary Infographic)Last month, we asked our blog readers and members of our LinkedIn Group, The City Clerk Cafe, to participate in a city clerk salary survey to find out how much city clerks get paid. We wanted to paint an accurate picture of how much money a city clerk employee actually makes. We asked our over 700 Clerk Café members to participate, and that’s exactly what they did!

What we found was very interesting!

What didn’t surprise us:

  • City clerks have girl power. Of those who responded, 80 percent were female.  Despite a world where gender roles are changing, it seems the role of the city clerk employee still mostly belongs to the women.
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Job Search Tips: Getting Noticed to Get Hired

In our LinkedIn Group, the City Clerk Cafe, we’ve noticed more than a few clerks with the same problem: lots of clerk experience, great skill sets, but no job.

Whether you are looking for a new job in a new town, or looking to advance your career within your current office, it pays to know what employers are looking for, and what it takes to get noticed!

Based on our own hiring experience, and some tips we acquired along the way through the City Clerk Cafe’, we’ve put together a list of what it takes for job candidates to get noticed–and hired! Read more >

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Multi-tasking + Procrastination = Multi-crastination

“To do two things at once is to do neither.”  —Publilius

Tantek MultitaskingWhat happens when multitasking goes bad? In a time when we are asked to do more with less, multitasking and work seem to go hand in hand.  But do we sometimes use “multitasking” to distract ourselves from what really needs to be done?  In other words, do we become “multicrastinators?”

When we choose to address more pleasant tasks, and avoid tackling more unpleasant, yet important tasks, we end up with a whole lot of nothing done.  We are all guilty of it: checking our email before returning that call about an internal issue; or typing up meeting minutes before tackling a Journal problem. Read more >

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How-To Time: Recording Official Meeting Minutes

English: The penultimate Minneapolis City Coun...

The decisions that cities make affect the lives of the residents. It is for that reason that all decisions need a thorough record of how they came to be.  One way to ensure that the decision process is accounted for is to maintain a good record of meeting minutes.  It’s not just a good idea—it’s the law!

The catch is, meeting notes of record are only as good as the clerk who recorded them.

How can you be sure that your meeting minutes make the grade?  By ensuring all major items of record are recorded, and do so using the correct tools and procedures. Read more >

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Lifelong learning: The benefits and the how-to

Coffee Shop, Learning Resource Centre, Edge Hi...

A schoolteacher of mine used to say, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”  Isn’t that so true?  Doesn’t learning ultimately always benefit over having someone do it for you?  Of course it does!  Why?

  • Learning helps us understand.
  • Learning keeps us sharp.
  • Learning makes us an asset at work.
  • Learning keeps us young and up to date on our ever-changing world.
  • Learning builds credibility.
  • Learning makes us enjoyable to work with.
  • An article in Government Technology outlined five ways to keep learning.    With so many options for learning—online, webinars, seminars, in a classroom, community programs, conferences, professional organizations, social media—there are ways for just about any one to expand their learning opportunities, but here are few suggestions:


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    3 Things Every Utility Billing Clerk Should Know–And Develop!

    by Jennifer Carlson, BMS Installation Team Lead/Senior Support Specialist

    Timeliness. Accuracy. Multi-tasking. If these three words weren’t outlined in the job description for your utility billing job, you will soon find out they should have been!

    The complexity and performance demand required to be a good utility billing clerk is often overlooked and underplayed. Mostly–we’d like to think–because utility billing clerks make it look so easy! But if you are able to keep these three things in mind as you develop your skills and processes, you will establish yourself as a reliable, credible, and trustworthy asset to the utility billing world. Read more >

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