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Cut the Time It Takes to Reconcile UB Payments

by: Jen Carlson, BMS Installation Team Lead/Senior Support Specialist

Are you tired of taking hours to reconcile your utility billing deposits to your bank statements? Take a load off, and let the utility billing software by Black Mountain Software help you with your cash handling procedures!

You can lessen the time spent reconciling utility billing payments to your bank statement by simply sending your receipt journal voucher to Accounting EVERY time you take a deposit to the bank.*

For example, let’s say it’s the fifth of the month and you are ready to take money to the bank. Once you are done entering into the system all payments to be included in the deposit, immediately do this:

In BMS Utility Billing, go to:

  • Reports >
  • Detail Reports >
  • Collections Journal >
  • Collections Journal Condensed >
  • [OK] to preview >
  • [Yes] to include Payment Types on Summary >
  • [Yes] or [No] to section (depending on if you have sections) >
  • [Enter in a date span of the first of the month to the fifth of the current month]
  • OK >
  • OK >
  • OK >
  • OK >
  • This report should total what you have in cash and checks to take to the bank. Read more >

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