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Conference Swag: How to Re-Use Your BMS Mint Tin

We’re all well-versed in “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” but how familiar are you with 20 Ways to Use Your Empty Mint Tin? Well, we’ve come up with a list for just that because Black Mountain Software will be giving away 2,000 tins of mints at conferences across the US in 2015 (see also, “How to Re-purpose Your BMS Conference Coffee Mug“)!

When all of the tasty mints are gone, there will be a lot of people wondering what to do with the tin. Whether it’s a mint tin or municipal or school accounting software, we want to help you get the most out of everything you get from Black Mountain Software. Read more >

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13 Ways to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

Through the years, Black Mountain Software has established a reputation of showing up at municipal and school conferences with some pretty creative promotional items. We wouldn’t want you to think we’ve fallen off the creative bandwagon when we begin to unpack and stack coffee mugs at our conference booth table this year, so we would like to suggest some clever, innovative ways to use the Black Mountain Software coffee mug.

While the first idea isn’t terribly imaginative, we think it will be popular; our creativity really begins to peak around item No. 11!

Conference Swag: How to Re-purpose Your BMS Coffee Mug

1.  Read more >

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Happy Holiday Cards

Mike-UB Favorite_MG_8019“That time of year” rolls around so quickly.

Time to haul out the boxes of holiday decorations. Time to bring out the winter attire. Time to look at schedules and figure out dates when everyone can get together. Yes, I’m talking about … September!

“September?” You say. Yes, that’s when the Black Mountain Software holiday prep begins. That’s because Black Mountain Software has a fairly long (both in years and preparation) tradition of mailing holiday cards featuring staff photos to our clients, prospective clients, business partners, and vendors. We are a friendly, small-town company and many of our staff members work one-on-one with our clients, so a stuffy corporate holiday card just doesn’t seem to fit our style very well. Read more >

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FAQ’s For Writing Effective Emails

English: email envelope

Have you ever deleted an email before opening it? Or responded to a long email before reading it all the way through?

You may feel a twinge of guilt over doing this, but perhaps it’s not completely your fault. After all, if the subject line had caught your attention, and the note was concise, would you have responded differently?

Despite the fact that email has been around for decades, there is still a lot of confusion about what makes a good or bad email. So, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions about emails to help your email communications become more readable, concise, and recipient-friendly. Read more >

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Sweet Satisfaction for the Low, Low Price of Free

By David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager   

When December rolls around, Christmas cards isn’t the only big project on the Black Mountain Software Marketing team’s “To Do” list.  December is the month our Sales and Marketing staff members get together and decide on the components of the upcoming year’s direct mail and conference programs – basically, we plan our key outreach efforts to prospective clients.  From a mind-boggling array of options, we choose the gift we will customize and mail in early March to prospective fund accounting and utility billing software clients.  The giveaway gift item will then begin making appearances at our conference booths across the country shortly thereafter. Read more >

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Winner of Tea Drawing Announced

We are excited to announce Angela Kamm of Isla Vista Recreation & Park District (an unincorporated community of around 23,000 adjacent to Santa Barbara, California) as the winner of our Free Tea/Software contest!  Angela was excited too, stating that being announced as winner is “Totally Amazing!” and “Perfect!”  And how could the chosen winner have been more perfect?  Angela is not only originally from the tea-drinking country of England, but she only drinks organic tea  – which, coincidentally, is exactly the kind of tea we put our name on for this marketing campaign.

“You couldn’t have found a better winner! I don’t drink coffee, I don’t drink alcohol. Read more >

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Good News: BMS’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

by David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Not too many of us love taking surveys, or designing them and compiling piles of data–unless maybe you majored in market research! But both customers and companies typically realize that there are mutual benefits to customer satisfaction surveys.

At Black Mountain Software, we receive mostly very positive input on our utility billing software, fund accounting software and customer support surveys, but we still believe that no matter what the results are, each and every survey that is filled out and returned to us is “good news.” Why?

First, even if a customer’s survey would happen to have criticisms or show dissatisfaction, that’s important feedback for us to know. Read more >

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Black Mountain Software Video Series Highlighted in The Missoulian

Black Mountain Software is so excited to have been recently featured in the Montana newspaper, The Missoulian.  The Missoulian is the third-largest city newspaper in Montana, just behind the Billings Gazette and the Great Falls Tribune. We appreciate that this large newspaper would include stories from outlying towns such as Polson, which is 90 minutes north of Missoula, where the BMS Accounting Office is located.

The article discussed the making of the Small Town Stories Video Series, in which Black Mountain Software features exaggerated versions of the people and situations that City Clerks handle with grace each day; but not without mention of how Black Mountain Software gives these clerks the tools to accomplish an amazing variety of tasks with confidence and ease. Read more >

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Behind The Scenes: Black Mountain Software’s Tea Campaign

by: David Tyler, BMS Marketing Manager

Black Mountain Software has a long history of giving away nice little gifts through direct mail marketing campaigns and at municipal and school conferences. For example:

  • 2011 iTunes-type gift card for a free downloadable song
  • 2010 Tin of refreshing mints
  • 2009 (Spring) Black Mountain Software cookies
  • 2009 (Autumn) Black Mountain Gourmet Blend coffee
  • 2008 Black Mountain microwave popcorn

Pretty cool stuff! But being new to the company and knowing how expensive direct mail campaigns are, I hesitated last fall before jumping right into plans for another giveaway.  A chat with our Sales team didn’t reveal a lot of solid compelling sales data from past campaigns, but what it did reveal is a strong feeling that the gift items have helped boost our brand recognition and BMS’ positioning as a friendly, service-oriented company that really cares about our customers.  Read more >

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Behind the Scenes: Our “Small Town Stories” Video


The “Small Town Stories” video vignette on our website gives visitors a 4-minute glimpse into the work life of an everyday hero, fictional Bloomfield USA City Clerk, Becky Keller. People who have called Black Mountain Software to tell us how much they enjoy the video also ask a lot of questions about it. They want to know how we came up with the idea, who the actors are, where it was filmed, and more. For those inquiring minds, here’s the “Hollywood Insider” scoop on our video.

Several months ago, Black Mountain partnered with Flying Horse Communication of Bozeman, Montana, to develop a new website with enhanced search engine optimization (SEO). Read more >

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