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Small Town Stories: Joliet, MT

Over the years, we’ve written about many small towns that Black Mountain Software serves. Though this town is quite typical in many ways to other towns we’ve featured, it has one outstanding characteristic: it is the smallest in landmass, reaching only .29 square miles!

Within its tiny footprint and population hovering around 650 people, it’s surprising to find that Joliet has had a few notable historical residents that have called Joliet home. The first is former Montana State Senator Chet Blaylock who ran for Governor of Montana. Second, is Jack Waddell, test pilot for the Boeing 747 maiden flight in 1969. Read more >

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Black Mountain Software Teams Up to Clean Up! Green Up!

In conjunction with the Polson Chamber of Commerce and The Beautification Committee of Envision Polson, Black Mountain Software contributed to the annual Clean Up! Green Up! event on Friday, April 24.

The first step to having a beautiful, welcoming community that we are all proud of is to have it trash free. Black Mountain Software ‘Green Team’ volunteers spent their Friday evening picking up trash along a two mile stretch of the Polson walking path from O’Reilly Auto Parts to Mission Valley Auto.

Both Black Mountain Software offices are located in beautiful, picturesque Montana regions. Conserving, reusing, recycling, and being mindful of our environment and planet are everyday practices at Black Mountain Software. Read more >

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Montana Road Warrior: “Snow Flies – When You’re Having Fun!”

Latest Version

by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software. What you are about to read is real.

January 23, 2015

I drove 1,567 miles last week; Polson to Columbus, Columbus to Red Lodge, Red Lodge to Forsyth, Foryth to Miles City, Miles City to Glendive, Glendive to Wibaux, Wilbaux to Ekalaka, and Ekalaka back.

The visibility was good. So good in fact, I was able to spot two of Montana’s little-known and elusive white Snow Fly. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Town of Circle, MT

We love to “circle” the 24 states where Black Mountain Software has customers, in search of Small Town Stories, and our latest stop is the Town of Circle, Montana!

Recently, the Town of Circle happened to become Black Mountain Software’s 300th Montana customer. We decided to celebrate this milestone by delivering a $300 check to the Circle Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture to use toward their annual Town & Country Day expenses. Emily Guldborg, Treasurer for the Chamber and Manager of the McCone County Credit Union, responded that they “greatly appreciated” the extra monies for their event, which celebrates the region’s rich agriculture and ranching industries (the area’s main economic driving force). Read more >

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Chronicles of a Montana Road Warrior – HE LIVES!

2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited photographed ...Guest Blog by David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator

Thursday, July 31, 2014

“Something of interest must have occurred in the last 12 months, Mr. Morton!” exclaimed BMS Marketing Director, Mrs. Smith, as she searched an empty file labeled “David’s Recent Travel Articles.”

I looked at my inquisitor, eyes half-lidded, the guile of a 5-year-old plainly on my face. “If I could remember something interesting, I would gladly tell you,” oozed lazy-like out of my mouth.

“Well, Mr. Morton, today you seem no more professional than a 5-year-old. If you don’t remember interesting things, how can we believe anything you’ve ever told us is true?”

I was tempted to quote from an ancient Tom Cruise movie, but knew she would simply respond with, “Oh, how cliché” and then with certainty I would have replied, “NO! Read more >

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Scholarship-Winner Binfet’s Essay on “The Role of Technology on Education.”

Flat Classroom SkypeWhat role should technology play in education? That’s quite a big question for any one person to answer! And that is why we are so impressed with Kyla Binfet of West Yellowstone (MT) High School! She is the 2014 Black Mountain Software Scholarship winner for her essay “What Role Should Technology Play in Education?”

Kyla is one of 260 applicants who applied for the 2014 Black Mountain Software $500 Higher Education Scholarship, available to Montana High School graduating seniors who plan to pursue higher education. With that $500 scholarship, Kyla will be attending Trine University in Angola, Indiana (formally known as Tri-State University). Read more >

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Cross-pollination: What Software and Search and Rescue Have in Common

What is the corporate case for supporting employee volunteerism?  That question is being asked by more and more businesses.  But if you ask Black Mountain Software, we already know the answer.

We are proud of the depth and breadth of volunteerism our employees display, and we know just what this volunteer work means to our business: better innovation, engaged employees, connection with the community, and valuable skill sets which help make better business decisions.

When skill sets are put to use outside of office, it offers employees intellectual and emotional insight into solving problems and seeking opportunities.  Volunteerism allows volunteers to gain experience and try out new skill sets which they then apply to their everyday jobs; overall reducing risk, developing their skills, building alliances, and hence, growing their business. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Plevna, Montana

We are excited to welcome the town of Plevna, Montana to our Black Mountain Software family. While the Plevna School District, home of the Cougars, has been a software client of ours since 2009, we are thrilled that the town of Plevna itself is also joining our BMS family of customers.

Plevna, with a population of 162 and 90 utility customers, occupies Fallon County, Montana. First established in 1909, Plevna resides on the Milwaukee Road Transcontinental Rail Line along the Pacific Extension. Due to the number of Bulgarian railroad workers in the area at the time, the town is named after a Bulgarian city, Pleven. Read more >

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Getting the Most Out of Your Government Conference Experience

Autumn is fast approaching and alongside it comes many exciting things: colorful Montana foliage, brisk nights, a new school year, new budgets, and…conferences.

In order to make the most of the bustling September conference schedule, we like to put our heads together and make a plan of attack.

Previously, we’ve talked about how conference attendees can maximize their conference experience with these five tips:

  • Navigate through the chaos.  Knowing that conferences are jam-packed with information and activities, determine a plan of action ahead of time.  List out the vendors you want to see and the seminars you want to attend ahead of time, so you don’t forget and miss out!
Read more >
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How Much Can You Charge for Your John Hancock: Guide for Notary Publics

the church of notary public

Did you know that notaries in Maine can solemnize marriage? Or that notary publics in Washington DC can become government notaries and sign documents in any state?  Or that Louisiana notaries must carry errors and omissions (E&O) insurance?

While these are all lesser-known facts about notaries, even the simple questions like “How much can a notary charge?” are often unknown.  A recent discussion on the City Clerk Cafe LinkedIn Group for Government Clerks found that the answers, though regulated by individual states under the Notary Act, are vastly different.  That’s because while the state government often outlines common fee maximums, there is ambiguity when it comes to charging for things like “mobile” or travel fees, and wait times.  Read more >

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