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Helping A New Employee Transition

7K0A0868We recently posted an article about transitioning to a new job, and techniques for new hires that will help them make a successful transition into their new position. But what about the other side of the coin? What about hiring managers who are preparing for a new employee, or maybe even a new grad who has never worked before and is entering their organization?

If you have a new grad or new hire in your organization, there are a few techniques that can help make their transition more successful, allowing for a shorter transition time and more workplace satisfaction.

How to Help a New Hire With The Transition

  • Get to Know Your New Hire.
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    Tips for Office Moves

    Ah the pains of moving.  The drywall dust in your coffee, the banging of a hammer while on the phone, and the unorthodox placement of common office equipment like the copy machine.  It’s anything but pleasant, and here at Black Mountain Software, we are feeling the everyday pains of both moving an office and converting a once-residential property into a corporate office. Which is why we thought the timing of an article on easing the pains of an office move was perfect!

    Tips for Office Moves

    Get the details.  Find out where your new office will be, what kind of office arrangement has been determined, and when the move will take place. Read more >

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    Making Uncivil Meetings Civil Again

    handshake isolated on business background

    Have your civil meetings become uncivil? Do they look more like the chaotic clamor of an unsavory encounter you’d see on TV than the civilized, brief, and efficient protocol of a government dialog?

    While no commission wants citizens to feel as though they don’t have a voice, if allowed to break protocol, civil meetings can quickly take a turn for the ugly. By following a few civic meeting guidelines, you can ensure that concerns and grievances are met, 1st Amendment rights are exercised, and the outcome is both productive and efficient. Tips for Civil Civic Meetings 1. Create a Process. Many elected officials and local governments have created processes for civil complaints and concerns which include: 1) having the citizen contact the department or agency directly, 2) if dissatisfied with the response, complete a written request for a response to said concern. Read more >
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    Office Back Pain Prevention

    We’ve talked about how headsets can prevent pains in the neck, and how monitors can prevent eye strain, but we have yet to talk about the “backbone” of work ergonomics: back pain prevention.

    Because our backs are involved in every function we perform at work–sitting, standing, lifting, reaching, pushing and pulling–they are easily neglected, yet are such a vital part of our well-being and comfort.  As the cold weather slowly approaches and aches and pains seems to appear out of nowhere, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your back health and apply these simple back pain prevention techniques.

    When sitting

    • Be sure your workspace is adjusted to accommodate your height and seating position. 
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    10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

    A few of us at Black Mountain Software recently packed up our desks and cabinets and moved to new office spaces in our building.  Among the dust and stacks of old papers and files, we found that we were long overdue for a little document scanning, paper recycling, and uncluttering.  What better time than spring, to…well, spring clean the office!  So that’s exactly what we did.

    Spring cleaning your office doesn’t just mean clearing off a suitable workspace.  Check out our ten ideas for adding a spring cleaning touch to your office, as inspired by our own spring cleaning efforts!

    10 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Your Office:

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    Multi-tasking + Procrastination = Multi-crastination

    “To do two things at once is to do neither.”  —Publilius

    Tantek MultitaskingWhat happens when multitasking goes bad? In a time when we are asked to do more with less, multitasking and work seem to go hand in hand.  But do we sometimes use “multitasking” to distract ourselves from what really needs to be done?  In other words, do we become “multicrastinators?”

    When we choose to address more pleasant tasks, and avoid tackling more unpleasant, yet important tasks, we end up with a whole lot of nothing done.  We are all guilty of it: checking our email before returning that call about an internal issue; or typing up meeting minutes before tackling a Journal problem. Read more >

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    How to Throw an Office Party that Sizzles

    Oh yes, it’s that time of the year.  ‘Tis the season of peppermint mochas, ugly reindeer sweaters, and office parties.  Since we know that a lot of our municipal clerks and school and utility personnel are in charge of throwing their office shindigs, we thought we would provide some tips for creating a holiday party that sizzles–not fizzles–this holiday season.

    How to Throw a Sizzling Holiday Office Party

    Review the Policy on Holiday “Spirits.” For government offices and schools, make sure to check policies about serving alcohol on the property well in advance.  You might decide to hold the party off-site if that’s an important factor for you. Read more >

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    How to Be Dog-Friendly and Productive at the Same Time

    Established in 1996, Take Your Dog to Work Day has been a fun, and celebrated event for Americans in the workplace.  In fact, over 10,000 companies will be participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day this year, and the number of pet-friendly offices around the nation is growing. Studies have found a variety of advantages to having an animal present during the office day, including increased productivity, stress reduction, and mobility.

    It is for that reason that many companies use the June 22nd Take Your Dog to Work Day to test-drive the potential of becoming a permanently “dog-friendly” work place. Read more >

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