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How To Become More Productive With Less

Even before we recognized there was a Great Recession in the last decade, companies were watching their bottom lines and pulling their belts tighter. So was Government, whose major means of reducing costs is personnel-related, meaning reorganization, layoffs and leaving vacancies open longer. This provides challenges, especially in an operation with one or two employees charged with performing the tasks that keep wheels turning and customers satisfied.

Generally these are dedicated employees, aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives and motivated to make a difference in work and in life. Entities owe it to these champions to enable them to accomplish the tasks at hand and to provide tools and opportunities to keep them engaged and motivated to do their job well. Read more >

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All About: Utility Security Deposits and Credit Policies

Whenever town councils decide to take a fresh look at policies they have in place, one of the things they might look at is utility receivables. Upon closer look, if utility receivables are inflated due to security deposits on accounts, a revamp of security deposit requirements may be considered. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) along with various state agencies set specific guidelines for utility billing operations, including the management of security deposits. Remember to research these guidelines prior to making final decisions regarding changes to security deposit policies.

Ways to Protect Loss of Receivables in Utility Billing

Require a Security Deposit, and/or Letter of Guarantee. Read more >

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Tools To Simplify Budget Preparation

Some do it in September.  Some in May.  Some wait until the end of the year.  And some do it ALL YEAR LONG!  Budget Preparation.

If you are one of the many organizations that follow the US federal fiscal calendar, budget preparation is probably on the top of your mind right now. That’s because budget planning and preparation are at the heart of good expenditure management.

No matter how wonderful an organization’s budget execution is, if a poor or unrealistic budget was prepared, the organization will be faced with a myriad of problems. Additionally, budget preparation is not always as straightforward as it may seem because any variety of complicated and unforeseen expenditures can affect costs, such as:

  • Scarce revenues that leave programs competing for funding
  • Volatile expenditures such as the cost of fuel, health care, and payroll that are hard to predict for the future
  • Unforeseen events caused by severe weather such as water main breaks, floods, power outages, water contamination, and emergency response
  • Revenue and income calculations that are directly correlated to the pace of economic growth, development, and population
  • Evolving state, federal, and local laws and/or statues
  • Long term projects and other long term expenditures

Good budget preparation tools can be extremely helpful during the budgeting and expenditure planning process. Read more >

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