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New IRS Resource helps Employers Understand the Health Care Law

by: The United States Internal Revenue Service

The following article can be posted on your websites and used in other communication vehicles to help employers get the facts about the new IRS web page for applicable large employers.

The new ACA Information Center for Applicable Large Employers page on IRS.gov features information and resources for employers of all sizes on how the health care law may affect them if they fit the definition of an applicable large employer.

The web page includes the following sections:

  • What’s Trending for ALEs,
  • How to Determine if You are an ALE,
  • Resources for Applicable Large Employers, and
  • Outreach Materials.
Read more >
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Time-Saver Tips: Using the Daily Time Card Module

imagesGuest Blog By: Teresa, BMS Sales Manager and former Montana school clerk

We all have busy jobs and are constantly trying to do more with less. Though processing of payroll and time cards is a necessary task, it’s not always the most efficient. That is why Black Mountain Software developed the Daily Time Card module for use with our school or municipal Payroll software.

Processing payroll pretty much kills a day (or two in some cases!). For example, in school administration, one must gather time sheets, fan through extra-curricular trips, verify teacher leave, and then, worst of all, sort out who subbed for who and how to pay the substitute teachers. Read more >

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Small Town Stories: Hazelton, ND

Black Mountain Software recently hit an enormous milestone: signing our 500th customer.  But hold on!  Before we write about that, we want to share our happiness about customer number 499, Hazelton, North Dakota. After working with municipal officials since 2009, BMS is excited to equip Hazelton with the whole nine yards: Utility Billing software Finance software, Payroll software, and our Automated Meter Reading interface module.

You may have heard about the town of Hazelton, ND, which in 2005 offered families up to two lots, $20,000 towards a home, and lots of elbow room to anyone willing to give the cold winters a try and make Hazelton home. Read more >

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Chronicles of a Montana County Road Warrior in Libby, MT (Guest Blog)

by: David Morton, Customer Solutions Coordinator and Guest Blogger for the BMS County Traveling Road Show Series

These are the chronicles of one David Morton, road warrior on a mission to solve client problems for Black Mountain’s Governmental Accounting Software.  What you are about to read is real.

December 13, 2012 -Libby, MT

Well its Sunday, three days after my day two ended (WARNING: Day 2 material just isn’t as fresh as Day 1 and may contain unintended embellishments). But let’s go back…back into the murky world of memory…. Like in the movie Ground Hog’s Day with Ben Affleck….oh wait I mean Bill Murray…nonetheless, my eyes snapped open to the same alarm. Read more >

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One More Way to Make Payday a Great Day!


Did you know that 60 percent of our Payroll customers are already enjoying the ease and time savings of direct deposit? Why? Because direct deposit saves time, effort, and money, while all the same time keeping employees out of those long Friday bank lines!

Clerks know that processing payroll payments in an organized and timely manner is essential. Paychecks can’t be late, they must be accurate, and clerks are often in the position of having to process them within a short window of time. Talk about pressure!

What can ease some of that pressure? Adding the ACH Direct Deposit module to your Payroll software! Read more >

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Lifelong Learning with BMS Training

Recently, in our post “Lifelong Learning: The benefits and the how-to“, we discussed the benefits of feeding your brain with new knowledge over the course of your career.  These benefits–better understanding, sharpness, adaptability, youth, credibility, and cohesiveness–all contribute to workplace happiness, relationships, and job security.

Well, at Black Mountain Software, we like to practice what we preach, so we are proud to announce our summer training schedule. Join us for one of our many mini-training opportunities and learn more about processes and features that will help you more adequately and efficiently use Black Mountain Software.

For more information or to register for these online classes, hosted by our friendly Support Specialists, go to the BMS website and login. Read more >

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